Friday, June 04, 2010

done with BOARDS! what does that mean?!


finished up with my surgery board today...rough test. and i know i made stupid errors on it. i was feeling a lot of pressure on it to do well, and my brain was tired, and i had to pee really bad during the test but i do not get up to pee during tests, alas. hopefully i did better than i thought i far my board scores are coming back nicely. i'm quite pleased, and i'm crossing my fingers that it means i will eventally do well on the step 2 ck!

as for now, i am laying on my couch being a bum. i like it. i was going to give blood with K, but we tuckered out after lunch and i usually give platelets which means something bad will happen, like me puking on myself or something like that. i think i deserve to be a bum today!

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chasingzebras said...


I'm being a bum too. Been laying in bed pretty much since the test.

Enjoy it!