Wednesday, June 02, 2010


that is how my brain feels at the moment. got peds board tomorow, surg board friday. and then step 2 ck in 2 weeks. blah. but then there's a week long trip to HONDURAS!

through my intuition i think i passed my fake step 2 cs exam, and i'm going to go over monday to review my results. probably going to say "she is a weird person who stares at the floor too much". who knows. and sometimes when i'm nervous my redneck accent tends to come out in full force. or trying to talk loudly to an old person. or whatever.

i'm about to go to the gym and work off some of this energy. i would just walk around a park outside, but i spy some angry clouds and methinks it wouldn't be prudent to stroll around during a thunderstorm. but i'm not wearing a white t-shirt so i would be ok.

i love how at my regular coffee shop that i'm considered a "regular" and i get freebies from time to time. makes my stomach happy.

this weekend should be fun...H and i are going to volunteer at this hispanic health fair on saturday, then celebrate his birthday belatedly with his family. sunday is a cookout with poolside activities. and of course, there will be something going on friday post-boards. i do want to take another practice test soon...maybe i can do that sunday morning. i'm excited about my world 33% left. of course it's all freaking internal medicine questions, but whatever. the end is near!

ok, treadmill time. then for dinner it's lamb shoulder chops, zucchini, rice, and kimchee. and a beer. and more questions. trey excited.


chasingzebras said...

You are rocking the World questions girl! I've got about 58% left. Boo. Mostly internal medicine - of course.

SINA said...

Heyy ! It's close to my exam times, and I must admit that's ecxatly how my brain is too right nw ! :s

anyway, it'll be great to see you in my blog :D