Tuesday, June 29, 2010


so we got back from our honduran adventure...it was so awesome! flew into san pedro sula, taxied to tela, spent 4 days on the beach, ferried to utila, got stuck in the middle of tropical storm alex, and then catamaran'ed over to roatan, relaxed, and came home. saw beautiful beaches, snorkeled, hiked through national park, man, it was so awesome. i'm so glad to have been able to go with H and just have an adventure. the only annoying thing were the sand fleas! they bite you and it ITCHES so bad! i must have had nearly 100 bites! and they are still itching...oh well, can't have everything!

then reality hit...i paged my resident and i am to be ready for rounds at 6:45 am thursday! "just split the list however you like with your partner"...problem is, the "partner" won't be starting until next week. so i guess i'll just get there like super early and pick up 3-4? the resident is not quite sure how the service goes because she just started herself, plus there is a new intern starting as well. play it by the ears, i suppose. and then i haven't sutured, let alone TOUCH a patient, in MONTHS. alas...

and now i have to write my personal statement, work on my ERAS application, aaaak! and worry about my step 2 ck score! and study for step 2 cs! and impress the ct service! goodness gracious...

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chasingzebras said...

Glad you had fun on your vacation!!!

As for the rest of this mess - I haven't done any of it. Haven't asked anyone to write a letter. Haven't started on my personal statement or CV. Oy. It's about to get crazy!

Hope your July rotation goes well. I'm sure you'll impress them :)