Tuesday, June 29, 2010


so we got back from our honduran adventure...it was so awesome! flew into san pedro sula, taxied to tela, spent 4 days on the beach, ferried to utila, got stuck in the middle of tropical storm alex, and then catamaran'ed over to roatan, relaxed, and came home. saw beautiful beaches, snorkeled, hiked through national park, man, it was so awesome. i'm so glad to have been able to go with H and just have an adventure. the only annoying thing were the sand fleas! they bite you and it ITCHES so bad! i must have had nearly 100 bites! and they are still itching...oh well, can't have everything!

then reality hit...i paged my resident and i am to be ready for rounds at 6:45 am thursday! "just split the list however you like with your partner"...problem is, the "partner" won't be starting until next week. so i guess i'll just get there like super early and pick up 3-4? the resident is not quite sure how the service goes because she just started herself, plus there is a new intern starting as well. play it by the ears, i suppose. and then i haven't sutured, let alone TOUCH a patient, in MONTHS. alas...

and now i have to write my personal statement, work on my ERAS application, aaaak! and worry about my step 2 ck score! and study for step 2 cs! and impress the ct service! goodness gracious...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

it's all done!

as you may have noticed, i played around with the new design templates. all i can say is, TOO MANY CHOICES! haha...well, i hope you like this one, but who knows, i may change it again.

test was long. of course, the super fast classmate was done while i was in the middle of my 4th block. ha. i started a little before 9 and finished around 5:30. i took all of the hour for the block...i was able to finish with about 10 minutes left, but then i'd go back and think about my marked questions. questions were long, but expected. of course, there were a few that i was like WTF but you have to expect that. for the most part i felt prepared. i also felt like there was this vast amount of knowledge i know that wasn't tested upon, but that's part of the silly game as well. but it did seem like i had a large number of A) variations on a woman feels a breast lump, WHAT DO YOU DO NEXT, B) OMG I'M PREGNANT AND THIS IS GOING ON NOW, C) super nasty photos. examples? HUUUUGE nasty vulva, spread eagle. i was like, that's a sad vagina. huge diabetic foot ulcers, complete with drippies.

i had taken my aleve, so i didn't get the super pounding headache of step 1. i just had a minor headache instead. about 6 blocks in though, i had a case of the GET ME OUT OF HERE. i felt like i had good concentration, but then it definitely started to wane. alas.

and this year when i finished it was like "thank God, now i can get OUTTA HERE!" and then i got in my car, turned on NPR and just drove. i was in a "meh" state of mind. well, not totally "meh", i was really looking forward to getting to eat some damn fine food! compare it to last year, when i left the test i got in my car and just started crying. why was i crying? probably a combo of the monster headache, sheer exhaustion, and that "oh crap" feeling. so i think my immediate post-test emotions means that i probably did better this year? let's hope so.

last night H took me out to a lovely restaurant in town where we had delicious food and i ordered a drink that was probably a bit too strong for a half-asian gal not accustomed to heavy drinking. the pasta i had was delicious, and i was looking forward to eating it again today, but both of our parents are demanding that they see us "before we go on our trip" for both lunch and dinner, so it looks like i can't eat my leftovers. but K will enjoy them...ha. she is house-sitting for me so my plants don't die. but a few of them are actively dying, but whatever. it's beside the point.

so now i'm trying to not be overwhelmed at the amount of packing i need to do today, since i have done ZERO, and now i have all these things that i wasn't planning on doing that i have to do today. i need to run by the bank. i need to get a small notebook of sorts so i can start jotting down ideas for my personal statement. laundry? i should workout too, since i haven't in a while. we'll only be gone a week, and i love to wear the same thing every day, so i'm not too concerned about that. it's all the other crap. and i'm just going to take my backpack, no check-ins. so that means pack smartly, which my brain is not capable of being smart today.

i get my score back supposedly in 4-6 weeks. i hope i did well...my goal is to have made a substantial improvement on my step 1 score. oh yeah, my meeting with surgery VIP went well. i'm so excited to get back to work and work hard and learn a lot.

so, until next time! good luck to all my friends that have yet to take step 2...you'll do great. the experience for me was SO much better than last year, i'm sure it will be for you too.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

it's tomorrow

my step 2 ck is tomorrow. i've been trying my hardest to not freak out about it. at least at this point i know i should pass. i feel more prepared this time than for step 1, i think i do at least.

i'm just going to spend today reading over some of my rougher areas, namely renal, rheum, and heme. i think i know enough of endocrine to not embarrass myself. oh, and going over the "top 100 secrets" in my secrets book. and also getting bread as to make a pb and j sammich tomorrow for lunch. i'm going to bring a cooler to put in my car so everything tastes good.

i also have a meeting today with a VIP in the surg department. (i know, why meet day before step? because my brain is useless anyways...) i hope it goes well. i plan it to be a "hello, this is me and my story" type of meeting. i'm sure it will be fine...i tend to thrive off of those unpredictable situations.

i was hoping that south korea wouldn't have lost 4-1 this morning, but oh well.

so now i should do some ironing so i can look business-y this morning.

please forgive me if i don't update for over a week or so...i'm going to try and post about my thoughts about the test, but honestly, i'm not going to promise anything. friday night should be spent in a coma, saturday will be frenzied packing, and sunday is honduras! then when i get back we can talk about that and PERSONAL STATEMENTS. boo that. ha!

good luck everyone else taking the step!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

nothing new here...

just studying for step 2. it's on friday, june 18. yes, i'm freaking. yes, i hate USMLE world. (but only have 325 questions left!) yes, i've been having the study munchies for food that is not found in my area of living. yes, that makes me feel pissy.

so what do i do about it all? well, yesterday i cut my hair...about 5 inches, GONE! i love my hair guy...just tell him 1) i need to still put it in a ponytail, 2) i don't do blow dryers or "product", 3) you know it's going to be MONTHS before i come back because i'm lazy about my hair, and 4) NO BANGS. and now i have fabulous sassy hair. and no split ends. hooray!

today i have study date planned with my fun study friends...haha. basically we all sit around in silence, then bitch out loud, and then do questions, and every once in a while you here someone curse, or shake their arms in frustration, or pound the table loudly. all in a day.

currently awaiting the EMAIL that will say "frylime has done the awesomest on her surgery board! she made a ONE MILLION!!!" ok, maybe not a one million but hopefully about 70 (national average raw score) and maybe hopefully above class average? since this is what frylime wants to do with her life?

now i gotta run to school and get my malarial drug prescription (for HONDURAS!!!). hopefully i won't get mefloquine. that stuff messes you UP.

study hard, friends!

Friday, June 04, 2010

done with BOARDS! what does that mean?!


finished up with my surgery board today...rough test. and i know i made stupid errors on it. i was feeling a lot of pressure on it to do well, and my brain was tired, and i had to pee really bad during the test but i do not get up to pee during tests, alas. hopefully i did better than i thought i did...so far my board scores are coming back nicely. i'm quite pleased, and i'm crossing my fingers that it means i will eventally do well on the step 2 ck!

as for now, i am laying on my couch being a bum. i like it. i was going to give blood with K, but we tuckered out after lunch and i usually give platelets which means something bad will happen, like me puking on myself or something like that. i think i deserve to be a bum today!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


that is how my brain feels at the moment. got peds board tomorow, surg board friday. and then step 2 ck in 2 weeks. blah. but then there's a week long trip to HONDURAS!

through my intuition i think i passed my fake step 2 cs exam, and i'm going to go over monday to review my results. probably going to say "she is a weird person who stares at the floor too much". who knows. and sometimes when i'm nervous my redneck accent tends to come out in full force. or trying to talk loudly to an old person. or whatever.

i'm about to go to the gym and work off some of this energy. i would just walk around a park outside, but i spy some angry clouds and methinks it wouldn't be prudent to stroll around during a thunderstorm. but i'm not wearing a white t-shirt so i would be ok.

i love how at my regular coffee shop that i'm considered a "regular" and i get freebies from time to time. makes my stomach happy.

this weekend should be fun...H and i are going to volunteer at this hispanic health fair on saturday, then celebrate his birthday belatedly with his family. sunday is a cookout with poolside activities. and of course, there will be something going on friday post-boards. i do want to take another practice test soon...maybe i can do that sunday morning. i'm excited about my world progress...got 33% left. of course it's all freaking internal medicine questions, but whatever. the end is near!

ok, treadmill time. then for dinner it's lamb shoulder chops, zucchini, rice, and kimchee. and a beer. and more questions. trey excited.