Thursday, May 20, 2010

no more M3 clinicals!

today was a great day! no more M3 clinicals!!!

also, my crazy rash is more crazy today, so went by student health to get a decadron shot in the butt. the NP, after giving me my shot, accidentally stuck herself so i had to get my blood drawn for infectious diseases. she kept apologizing, but i was like, no, it's cool, i'm a super hypochondriac so it's good that i get tested! i'm clean anyway, and the NP was happy that it was someone like me to get stuck from, rather than someone else. the verdict?


the world is good today. haha!

tomorrow is my psych board...hopefully i'll do well. i'm glad that it's over...psych is so interesting, and the attending like EVERYDAY said "you should be a psychiatrist", but, i just want to move on to SURGERY!!! today we almost did an LP, but unfortunately the attending wanted IR to do it. boo! i wanted to do the LP!!!

still applying to away rotations...i've been denied to 2 places so far, but that's ok. these things fill up rather quickly. i'll throw a few more apps out and then call it a day. no big deal. if i don't get an away, i'll do path or rads.

alright, back to studying! yay! or not...haha. no AIDS!

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