Saturday, May 01, 2010

lovely saturday

ridiculously long post ahead, hahaha!

nice thing about psych...weekends off! this morning i ate a bagel, had some coffee, swept my balcony, took photos of my lovely plants, did some world questions. world, you are the bane of my existence!!! but my plants look lovely! my strawberry plant has a flower on it, my salvia is exploding with blooms, and i think i have tiny limes growing on my lime tree. i repotted my pumpkin plants and hopefully i can train them to go up the railing on the balcony. that would be awesome to have a PUMPKIN this fall! it's raining off and on this morning as well. H is back from his work trip, and i'm happy for that too!

right now i'm watching the "i can't believe i was pregnant" show on discovery. that show is so crazy...i would think a lot of these women are in extreme denial. and how is it that these babies are all born "healthy"? even with the mamas smoking and drinking, etc. alas.

i went and hung out in the cardiothoracic surg clinic this week, and i was totally reminded of why i want to do surgery! saw some cool patients, wished that i could see their surgeries. the ct guys are excited that i'm coming to do a month with them in july. i think i might be the only student to sign up for a ct month? maybe i'm a masochist...haha. it's just that problems within the chest are SO COOL.

psych is still fun, but i experienced some frustrations at the tail end of this week. i realized that i am a "quick fix" kind of gal...long and steady are NOT what i like. you come in with depression, and we give you medicines. you feel better. and better. we get excited! then BAM, you have the major sads again for no reason. for me, this is so aggravating. but for others, it's just part of the treatment process. they don't mind the long and steady. and i just want to bang my head against the wall. other issues, like delusions and whatnot, super cool. but, none of those diseases are easily fixed in the short term. i guess sedation would work, but that's kind of wrong, ha!

M4 schedules are STILL not finalized, but i think mine should come out ok. i'm just lacking one course on my schedule. still haven't heard from away rotations, but those take a while, supposedly. it's going to be balls to the wall, to put it crassly, for the first 4 months of my M4 year. aak! once my schedule is perfected i'll post it here.

also, i got this comment on one of my recent blogs (hi kris! thanks for stopping by!) and thought i would put my thoughts down about it:

Other than surgery being hands on were there any other contributing factors ?
well, i liked being able to see people's INSIDES! to me, being in the OR is so much fun...there's a ton of teamwork involved with doing surgery. and i'm a visual person, and i like seeing how people are put together. and this may sound weird or whatever, but i really appreciate how when the patient is draped and prepped, you can only see what you're working on. people may claim they don't judge or whatever, but we all do it to some extent. i appreciate how in surgery, you just expose what you're working on and get to work. sometimes tunnel vision is a good thing, ha. i found myself getting too emotionally involved during family medicine, etc, and getting upset when patients would flat out lie to my face. i don't like that very much. i don't know if that makes sense to you, but it does to me.

I know that surgery is a challenging specialty - not to say that the other residencies are not - and I know that there's the notion that this is a male-dominated area of medicine. How true is this ? Is close to everyone a gunner ??

i know it's still pretty male-dominated, but i think there are a lot of females coming into the field too. that's not really a concern for me though, i've always done more "boy" things...playing drums in high school, engineering in college, etc. and gunners are in ANY learn how to spot them in college...haha. and then you see more in med school. i enjoyed my surgery rotation a lot...didn't experience too many ill personalities, but then again, there are weirdos in EVERY field. you can't escape them.

I'm still a senior high school so I have a LONG way to go before med school but I'm still interested in hearing about your ambitions.
keep up the good work! and you may surprise yourself with what you like to do. if truly interested in medicine, PLEASE shadow as many different doctors as possible. medicine is definitely not something you should do on a lark...and you can always come to medicine later in life. there is no rule that says you must go straight into medicine after college. so for now, just do a lot of shadowing, work in a hospital, or just volunteer, and do your best in school!

hope this post wasn't too boring...if anyone else out there has questions, i'm super happy to help! and now H is on his way for us to go get some delicious pizza and then workout afterwards...woo!


chasingzebras said...

sounds like a lovely way to spend a Saturday :)

Also - I like the "tunnel vision" aspect when a pt is draped and prepped as well. I get a little distracted when they're up and talking and have 18 problems to focus on.

kris said...

Thanks so much Emily ! I realised after reading your response that I also can identify with the "tunnel vision" aspect. I agree that when a patient is prepped, one can look at them from a more objective point of view as opposed to subjective you know... when they're breathing and talking to you... which I think could prove to be "distracting" for me - if any of that makes sense.

Also, WOW CT SURGERY !! I'm really excited to hear about this in July. My personal medical history has greatly influenced my interest in ct surgery. I usually don't divulge this but I think this would fully explain my enthusiasm. I was born with ASD, VSD and PDA and as soon as I was old enough to understand my condition, I've been drawn to patients like myself and am inspired to be a part of the medical community that literally gave me a second chance at life.

In summary, I'm just excited to hear about your clinic !