Thursday, May 13, 2010

6 more days!

tomorrow is my CSA's to hoping i don't piss off any fake patients or *gasp* forget to DRAPE or listen UNDER the gown! i still can't believe i miss that every so often!

my catatonic patient had ECT done today and BAM S/HE IS A NEW PERSON! it is so amazing at how get better after a treatment! going from not talking very much and freaking out about the voices in your head to smiling and giddy and talking up a storm! and no more voices! wow. i'm so glad i got to see the results.

today i went to this annual "distinguished" lecture done by the surgery department at was really cool to hear it. it was an historical talk done about a pioneering surgeon from way back who paved the way for valvulotomies.. but so cool. it made me excited to get back to doing surgery again! july 1, here i come!

afterwards i went to the gym and watched the show "say yes to the dress" while i treadmilled. that show, man, it's so weird, but i can't help but watch it...just a bunch of women buying wedding dresses. "my budget is $9,000", man, that freaks me out every time. i can't imagine spending that much money on a dress to wear once. YES, the wedding dress has to be special, blah blah blah, but 9 grand? i would wear something from the gap over that and spend the rest on vacation. ha.

then i came home and have some beef brisket braising in the oven. i heart my dutch oven! EVERYONE MUST HAVE ONE. i hope it comes out deliciously...first time to ever tackle brisket. i just seasoned both sides vigorously with a bazillion spices, browned both sides, then sauteed some onion and garlic in the same pot, deglazed with some sherry, and then put the meat back in and popped it in the oven. low and slow supposedly is the way to do it, so i'm thinking an hour and a half will suffice. (it's only around 1.5 pounds.) but i'll probably do two anyway.

so i was thinking about some random advice for M1s and M2s that have to do clinical stuff. you know, like "shadow" people or do that ICM stuff where you interview a patient and it's horrible and nerve racking. trust me, this advice will help you out in a good way so that nobody (like us M3s, ha) makes fun of you. and yes, these are all inspired by true stories:
  • if you are dressing up and wearing your white coat, LADIES, please DO NOT WEAR HOOKER HEELS WITH HOOKER DRESSES/SKIRTS. omg. the other day i saw this girl wearing 3 inch stilettos that were blue suede appearing and strappy and open-toed. (they were cute, actually.) and she was wearing a cute dress, but it was short. and she was awkwardly walking with her obviously heavy appearing bookbag on. that outfit screams "hit on me please". plus 3 inch stilettos are no fun in standing around in and walking miles in the hospital. that outfit just broadcasted "i obviously don't know what i'm doing and would love to be hit on by nasty people." the mark of a med student in the clinical years: cute FLATS. or slight heels. and definitely no open-toe...if you were to drop a needle and stick your foot, well, that's your problem.
  • ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS! a poor student (who was terrified) came up to me after interviewing and examining a patient with questionable HIV status (test not back yet) was like "OMG SHOULD I WASH MY HANDS? WAS I SUPPOSED TO?" i just stared at him and was like "umm, yeah?" just wash them. or use the foamy stuff. and wear gloves if you don't know for sure someone is not going to give you scabies. or something like that. i almost wanted to ask "do you wash after you wipe your dookie off your booty hole?" but i didn't.
  • if you come in to observe a surgery, and you've obviously done gross anatomy, and the surgery is called "cholecystectomy", and you see the surgeons fumbling around a GREEN BAG SHAPED OBJECT, and the resident is explaining that someone is holding the fundus while they dissect out the cystic duct (obviously saying gall bladdery things), please don't go "IS THAT THE GALL BLADDER?" omg, you've been through GROSS, the damn thing is GREEN and YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER. there was definitely a collective eye roll at that question. alas.
just trying to help you guys out, ha. as for me, it's shower time and then cs cram time. and then food!

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chasingzebras said...

Ba ha ha @ "Is that the gallbladder?" Damn. They were asking for it.