Monday, May 10, 2010

2 weeks left of clinicals!

how exciting!

today was a great some major work done on the ward today. my super depressed patient (who is so depressed that s/he cannot even muster up enough will to even POOP at times) did what i said! i said "you have 2 goals today. number 1, get out of bed and watch tv in the day room. number 2, GO TO THE BATHROOM AND POO." not everyday you can tell someone that. and s/he did just so! and i made the patient laugh today! multiple times! super awesome. i really think this patient can be turned around, but it's going to be a long hard road. you just don't recover fast from things like depression, but i believe it can be done.

just an aside, we have a ton of borderline personality disorder patients on the ward. like a TON of them. and they've all made friends with each other. and they all bitch about the food. alas. it's tough to see people struggling with addiction. they delude themselves. they create havoc for their families. lie to everybody. just tough. i'm taking care of a patient in her mid-20s, and it's tough for me. i think, "man, what if i was the one on drugs? what if those times in my life where i had a bad day i had reached for some crack versus go talk it out with a friend?" i just can't help but think about her future should she choose to keep going down this road. i have an uncle that has a meth abuse problem, but i do believe he's in jail now for a long time due to being caught actually making meth. the shake and bake, i think. it would be nice to know that there's hope for his future, but honestly, i haven't seen the man since i was in junior high or so. i wouldn't recognize him now, especially since meth really changes the way you look in a bad way.

ok, back to happier topics!

i had a good weekend too...hung out with H's family and then turned around and hung out with my family. my mom made kimbap, a sort of korean sushi. it was SO GOOD. omg. she makes it like once or twice a year, and i'm so glad to have eaten a ton of it yesterday. and then leftovers today! yay! so for dinner tonight, kimbap leftovers, a lovely salad (with green leaf lettuce, celery, tomato, and strawberry...a HUGE fan of adding fruit to salads), and cheese and crackers! for dessert, a mango blueberry smoothie!

this wednesday i'm on call. friday is my school's mock step 2 cs exam. it will last all day, blah. i hate those things. but i'm more afraid to fail the real thing. it's over $1,000 to take it. alas. and then...MY BIRTHDAY IS ON SUNDAY!!! i will be turning the big 2-5...and I CAN'T WAIT! i LOVE getting older, and this number, 25, is so awesome because it's five squared! a quarter century! i love cool numbers...25 definitely fits the bill.

ok, with all that nerdiness, i think it might be time for me to head to bed. chao peoples!


chasingzebras said...

I liked this post! Glad you're being productive on psych. I was the exact opposite. Boo.

kris said...

During your psych rotation, was there any kind of mental illness you were really intrigued about ? I mean because... you know... reading about something in a textbook or hearing about it is different from actually seeing it in action in real life.

You mentioned that there were a TON of borderline personality disorder patients; how alike (or not) were they from each other ?

frylime said...

thanks, zebras!

kris, i love the psychotic people who are hearing things and the delusional ones, especially the guy who thought he had worms that could talk to each other. borderlines...they are all different (since they're different people, obviously), but they fall into the same patterns of thinking, if that makes sense. maybe i'll try to explain it better in a proper post...ha.