Wednesday, April 07, 2010


sorry for the lack of blogging. i've been so utterly bored at school, and then i come home and have to do grunt work or just a ton of socializing. life is hard.

time for a rant about stupid people.

when you have bad diabetes, and are currently on ONE ORAL MEDICATION that is NOT even on its FULL STRENGTH, and you've been checking your blood sugars at home and "notice" that it's OVER 300 for the past few days, and oh by the way your abdomen hurts and you feel pukey, OMG GO TO THE DOCTOR NOW!!! then you end up in the ER in DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) with sugars over 700-800 or so. and try to pay attention when the diabetes educator teaches you about how to use insulin (because you WILL be on insulin now, gotta love those shots) and what foods NOT to eat. don't call your cousin to bring you donuts because you don't like hospital food. and when your medical student asks you how you've been tolerating your diet, while she appreciates that you told her she "hates the hospital food" so you had VANILLA ICE CREAM and SWEET TEA instead, OMG ARE YOU STUPID? you are IN THE HOSPITAL because you could not control your blood sugar, but then you decide to keep eating sugar while IN THE HOSPITAL because you don't like the bland food? even after you've been told that if you keep eating sugary food, you'll get an infection in your feet and might have to get them cut off? (more or less!) gotta love that ice cream, it made your sugar blast back up over 400 after the team had gotten it down into the low 200s.

ok, end that rant. this is why family medicine is not for me, sadly.

luckily, my other patient is a sweet sweet lady...her main issue is that she is super morbidly obese...over 500 pounds, pushing 600, and that is causing her some issues with her medical management. i'm sad that tomorrow is my last day to visit with her. such a nice lady, i hope she gets better soon and gets some gastric bypass or something in the future...

so now i'm busy doing stupid busy work for family medicine...all our stuff is due friday and i'm in the midst of procrastinating and doing a terrific job at that. have to finish inputting my patient log, write my H&P, and study for our test...HA. study. what a nice word. i need to get back on the step 2 studying, but i guess that will wait until this weekend.

monday i start psych. woo! that means study time!

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chasingzebras said...

Alas, that is why I cannot do family medicine either. More power to the speedy one. I have no patience for these people though. Do I LOVE working out and never eating fried chicken? NO. Do I do make my ass do it so I don't end up footless and 500 lbs one day? YES.