Sunday, April 18, 2010

psych is fun!

i've really been enjoying myself this rotation. i like how you don't have to touch patients. i like how everyone is crazy in an interesting way (or it wouldn't be psych, right?! ha!) and how you have to get buzzed in through two sets of double doors to go in. it's interesting for me to think about who these people are, what they did in their former lives before getting diagnoses like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder or drug addiction. inpatient psych is super cool. i could never do psych though, at least not now, because of all the OUTpatient stuff...outpatient clinics just drive me to tears. i get so bored. so i'm thinking, i'm still going to do surgery, but maybe once my technical dexterity goes away or something, i can do another residency in psych and have brain fun for the rest of my career.

my little container garden is doing well so far! i'm quite excited about the possibilities for this summer...hopefully our lime tree will make us a lime or two. i have some little pumpkin plants growing...i hope they can do some magical things as well.

i've been re-inspired to post things on the food blog H and i have. we'll see if i can stick to it, ha. but i should post some things on there...we've been watching the food revolution on hulu and it's really interesting.

and step 2 studying is at a standstill. i seem to do badly on my practice questions no matter what, but i guess slow and steady wins the race, right? also, schedules still are not back yet, and i'm getting antsy to know how about my surgery months will be scheduled. plus i'm planning an away rotation for october and i want to know if that's going to be possible. i've applied to 3 different schools right now, planning on applying to one more. oh yeah, and another one as well. i've been told to not hold my breath on finding out if i've gotten any right now...usually we get notification in june or july or something like that.

as for now, i should get back to studying. and thinking about dinner. and thinking about an outdoor activity, as i have not exercised today. but, i can always go tomorrow, and i went yesterday and had an awesome workout. it's alright to take a day off, right? haha...alas.


chasingzebras said...

You are so funny. Surgery and Psych. Really?

As far as pumpkins, I think they must be super easy to grow since we literally had a pumpkin patch one year after my sister carved a pumpkin in the back yard the year before!

kris said...
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kris said...

Hi ! I'm a new reader on your blog. I'm really interested to know what kind of surgery you're looking to pursue. Other than surgery being hands on were there any other contributing factors ? I know that surgery is a challenging specialty - not to say thar the other residencies are not - and I know that there's the notion that this is a male-dominated area of medicine. How true is this ? Is close to everyone a gunner ??

I'm still a senior high school so I have a LONG way to go before med school but I'm still interested in hearing about your ambitions.