Sunday, April 11, 2010

golden weekend of sorts

family medicine DONE, psychiatry begins tomorrow. looking forward to it...can't wait for the stories!

also, i hate fake patient encounters...but at the same time, they are helpful in a weird way. but still hate them. especially when the patient is going very slowly or purposely hiding info from you. oh well. and this far into the game i still forgot to drape a patient and listening "under" the gown. blah.

this weekend has been great! friday night went out with some friends to a fancy bar in town. had a pear martini, and it was delicious! makes me want to learn how to make it on my own. mixology classes, anyone? then saturday my school hosted a crawfish boil and i had my annual helping of crawfish...yum. there were also bouncy castles and we bounced and flipped much fun! and we also had a battle thing but i lost pretty easily when my opponent squared me in the head. (i was trying to go for her knees but she played dirty...ha.) then we had a potluck sort of dinner/game night. i made curried butternut squash soup and it was pretty good for being completely on the fly. in retrospect i would have liked to have pureed it a bit more to make it more smooth, simmer a bit longer to thicken the soup just a tad, and add coconut milk! i had used cream, which is lovely too, but coconut milk would have sent it over the edge. i thought i had the spices just right...sometimes i forget that when i cook for other people, they might not appreciate spiciness like me and H do, but everyone told me (at least to my face, ha!) that it wasn't overdone and 2 people with sinus issues loved how it cleared them out. oooh, and if i was doing it for real, i would have crushed some peanuts and chopped cilantro or parsley for garnish.

today so far has been relaxing, late breakfast (bordering on the lunch variety), and some cleaning of the bathrooms. also, emptied a whole bunch of expired containers out of the fridge. it feels good to unclog the fridge. for the rest of the day i think will be spent relaxing, STUDYING FOR STEP 2 OMG, and some spot cleaning here and there. and staring at my plants...i can just stare at the for hours...i love coming home in the afternoon and seeing how much they have grown or turned to face the sun or whatever. LOVE IT! i can't WAIT to have my own garden with REAL fruits and veggies!

alright shower time so i can get on with the day...woo!


OleMissBabyDoc said...

thanks :) really dont know what I was thinking, I never do that.. guess my brain just wasn't there with the last entry ;)

frylime said...

no problem! just looking out for you!