Monday, April 12, 2010

first day on psych

and i was leaving for home at 2:00. today was the best day ever! hahaha, j/k. tomorrow i don't have to show up until 8:30. hopefully i'll get to stay on that particular service, rumor has it the attending T and i were assigned to quit. alas.

it's such a beautiful day outside. H and i were considering biking, but we might go play some frisbee too. is it possible to have M3-itis? because i totally have it now.

we got to tour the psych wards today, and for some reason it just wasn't as i had pictured it. a lot more sterile and brighter than i imagined? it's kind of quaint actually. they have their own laundry rooms and everything!

ok, time for some step 2 studying...but maybe i'll clean out my car first. i should load my bike up just in case we go out and about...

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