Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a tiny ray of sunshine

today i got to fish out some damn ear wax out of a person's ear. the first hands on thing i've done in a few weeks. and i got excited. the excitement only lasted about 30 seconds.

what is wrong with me?

in other news, my Tdap vaccine booster i received yesterday is currently doing a number on me...i feel like i have the flu, my arm hurts (which was expected), but my whole body? and i keep feeling lightheaded and i can feel my heart pulsing throughout my if i sit really still i feel like my body is swaying with every heartbeat. or pulsing, rather. and i can see my arms MOVING without me moving them!

also, i want an effing fancy coffee drink and there is ONLY ONE COFFEE PLACE IN THIS TOWN that closes around i think i might take a shower and make my brother drive me there shortly.

i guess i'm being a whiny baby. why couldn't we have gotten a whole week off for spring break? that makes me sad. only 2 days, boo.

in other news, i've found some programs that i am going to apply for away rotations at...hopefully i'll get 1 so i can satisfy my urge of exploring new land.

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Shinobiashi said...

I had my ears flushed out a couple of times. Let me tell you, it feels great to be able to hear again once it's over. Also, I hope you used warm water/solution, because an earful of cold water is not fun.
And don't worry too much about all the crappy patients that don't follow directions. All the healthy people who follow directions are at home.