Tuesday, March 02, 2010

family medicine

omg. private practice is the awesomest!

round in the hospital for an hour or so. clinic starts at 9. lunch is from 12-2. clinic ends no later than 5. oh yeah, and lunch is provided most days of the week. clinic is less than 5 minutes from my parents' house.


and the patients are CLEAN! BATHED! well, i would say the majority are, at least. ha. some of them try to lose weight! they take their medicines!

granted, i don't think i will be swayed to family med regardless because i'm too much into the procedures and whatnot, but maybe i'll be a private practice surgeon...oooh...

this month is going to be nice. plenty of time to study, access to a 24/7 gym, and a laid back daily schedule.

i've scheduled my step 2 cs finally...july 26. i was peeved that all the weekends were taken, but i guess a monday won't hurt me too badly in the long run.

still trying to decide on my M4 schedule, but i think i'll have it turned in by the end of this week. i hope so at least!

ok, now it's time for bed...gotta get the beauty sleep!

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MedZag said...

Lucky, I did my fam med rotation in my uni's uninsured/medicare/medicaid clinic (subsidized, of course, by the private insurance clinic).

The day looked something like: chronic pain/SA, chronic pain/SA, uncontrolled DM, chronic pain, URI, uncontrolled DM, alcoholic, chronic pain/SA, token schizophrenic w/ scabies, chronic pain/SA, alcoholic