Friday, March 26, 2010

2 months left!!!

i can now say 2 months left in rotation time for M3 year! woo!

i finished up my fam med in my just have 2 weeks left, and 1 of those weeks is at the hospital i used to work in the cath lab at. i'm just glad to not have to be driving so much anymore, and i have today mostly off because my preceptor took today off in his clinic. but he's still doing botox at 10 so i'll meet him up to do that. luckily the place is right down the road from me, so not to much driving needed.

i'm tired of being asked my opinion on health care. i really don't care at this point...all i'm focused on is 1) graduating and 2) getting into a residency without having to scramble. honestly. but if you really want to know, 1) yes, i agree that something needed to be done, 2) i would have rather seen reform happen slowly and gradually, and 3) had much more information given out during the debate/decision process. i understand what some of the "big things" are in the bill, but as far as truly understanding all the little things, eh, not so much. big fan of the "no pre-existing conditions can deny you insurance" or something like that. you never know what will happen to you as you age, so that's a comfort to know that you can get something to help your costs. but i'll just leave these thoughts as is...i'm just tired of being asked about it.

a doctor the other day was telling me i needed to drop out of med school because "YOU HAVE NO FUTURE IN MEDICINE"...i almost told him to eff himself and stay the eff out of my business, but i didn't. that's the thing, at my hometown experience, all the doctors i saw (except for 2!!!) were old white men, half of whom were fat...overweight fat, not obese i guess. the other 2 were a black man and a black lady. oh yeah, and 1 white lady. well, all the white men would get together in the mornings and talk shit about whatever in the world was ailing them...well, i don't think they were hurting too much in their fancy shoes and i saw what fancy cars they were driving up in. while watching fo.x news (which i can't stand and am permanently scarred for life for having to listen to it). well, after they'd leave, i'd go and change the channel to cn.n or something...ha! (i don't really care which news i had it on, just not fo.x!) one morning it was on ms.nbc, so i guess that was a pleasant surprise. but anywho, no offense against white men (my father is white! my boyfriend is white! i'm half white! hahaha...), but i guess i'm just tired of hearing rich old white men who haven't had to undergo any sort of prejudice or hardships bitching about how their worlds are going to end because obama is the president and now health care is CHANGING. ummm, as far as i know i woke up this morning and the world was still spinning, so that's that. and you are still going to make your money so you can fly your private plane to the beach every weekend. blah.

sorry about the just tumbled out of my fingers!

so for today i have some botox to go witness, some gymming, some studying, some school errands, and some hanging out with H to do! it's nice to be back in town again.


OleMissBabyDoc said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) I will certainly be soliciting your advice at some point, I'm quite sure. Have a great week!

Better Off Med said...

That was rude that he told you don't belong in medicine. Just ignore him!