Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what have i done this week?

this week in particular has been CRAZY! let's recap...shall we?
  • ex lap ex lap ex lap! (exploring inside someone's belly.)
  • attempted to do laparoscopic cholecystectomy on a morbidly obese patient, have to convert to open, and yours truly retracts the abdomen UP for a long time...tiring! patient is doing well though, yay!
  • saw someone's spleen get emergently cut out...those silly spleens do a lot of damage when they got a hole in them...
  • learned that too much tylenol = super bad liver failure
  • also learned that gauze directly applied to small intestines and allowed to harden is a bad bad thing...not something i did, but witnessed the aftermath...
  • had a pt yell at me because he didn't want to see a med student...then called local "hotshot" lawyer with ads on every street corner in town on us! attending chewed out pt for him being rude to me. it was awesome. will i go to court? the pt has no case. who knows! hahaha...crazy people
  • had a pt refer to his foley as his "pee pee cup". interesting. he crazy too.
  • oh yeah, and another pt stopped bleeding with flour. FLOUR. F. L. O. U. R. like from the kitchen. why not a bandaid? he said the flour worked better. did not ask if it was AP vs. self-rising...
it's been crazy, but fun too. had a resident tell me that i'm smart and i know my stuff, but i need to learn to not second guess myself. it was such a compliment, but also very good critique of what i need to work on...i know i second guess all the time. i really need to stop that because it's not going to help me out in the long run.

currently on call. may the call gods be nice far i've gotten to sew up a scalp laceration in the ER. pretty intense when you got the family watching, ha. it was all good in the end.

and now i will sleep. cardinal rule of being on call is sleep when you can. and i got a shower in already. yay! chao chao!

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Fizzlemed said...

You are a trooper for showering. If I've learned anything in med school so far it's this: sleep>showers. Kudos.

So I must ask-- what kind of bleeding was stopped with flour? WTF? I know I'm tired and lazy, but that probably takes even more effort than a bandaid. And it's just weird.