Friday, February 12, 2010


i'm tired tonight. alas. i have to go in and have notes written by 7:00 am...not bad, i don't have to stay for rounds or anything, but i guess it's a bit annoying. but then i have nothing to do on sunday! yay. next week will start either trauma or acute care surgery...only 1 last week of surgery left. then we have a test, and many days off! it's glorious. i have a meeting coming up that i'm a bit nervous about, but i think it will end up being ok.

i have this addiction to sour gummy worms. omg. can't stop!

anyone watching the olympics?

this post is just lame. alas. i wanted to blog, but i'm tired too. so that's lame. also, i really want to go shopping. for cute fun stuff. that i won't wear. because i wear scrubs. or just boring pants + shirt. donde esta the money? blah.

ok, opening ceremony starting...chao!

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