Wednesday, February 24, 2010


so we had our surgery test yesterday, and let me tell you, it was just a whole lot of suck. but whatever. i saw an early glimpse of my grade to come, and it was just blah. so blah. thanks, self, for knowing how to bring my grade down! alas. so since then i've just been lounging...i've been restarting my knitting and got some really good gear to get me through the next few weeks. i've also started my usmle world question bank today. did 30 questions...and i have to say, they are much better than step 1 questions! i had a dream the other day that i had made a's to hoping that becomes a reality!

tomorrow i have a "discuss my future" meeting...i'm kind of scared, actually. what's the worst that can happen? they tell me i can't do what i want to do and i gotta think of something else. alas. such is life i guess. so here's to crossing my fingers...

watching the olympics...watching the folks crash or get disqualified or whatever, man, that just makes me so sad. because i know what it's like to fail at something...but at least i got some second chances, right?

friday is our senior planning day. which i am nervous about! but at least i know what i want to do, so that helps a little bit. so many people in my class don't know what they want to do, and it's contagious, the worry. well, can't think about all of them all the time, though i do since we're all friends! i just feel like it's so early to be thinking about NEXT YEAR, but really, it's not next year, M4 year starts july 1! aak! residency applications are due september 1! i heard the rank lists were due today for the M4s. we're all feeling the fun.

ok, i'm going to stop whining now and just do some knitting...

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Fizzlemed said...

Crocheting is the cure for all my woes. Happy relaxation, I'm sure you'll do wonderfully.