Wednesday, February 03, 2010

post the call

today has been a post call day...which means i got home before lunch, did laundry, ate, and then slept until H called me around 5:00. then since then i've just been lazing about...i think i'm going to bed soon anyways.

call last night was alright...i managed to get about 4.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, but the bed is horrible and i woke up not refreshed. alas. and i was cold. we had 2 bravo pages, nothing incredibly thrilling.

i finally scheduled my step 2 ck tonight...june 11. i hope i'm ready to make an awesome score then, but if i'm not ready, i can push it back. H and i are planning a 2 week vacation to spain in june so i wanted to take my test before we left, and then M4 year starts july 1. i've been thinking about M4 year's a bit daunting. i would love to do 2 away rotations, but at the very least doing 1. problem is, i don't know where yet. i really want to have an advisory type meeting, but i just am not really sure who to go talk to. sounds like i got to visit the med school mama tomorrow during my down time...i also need to meet up with one of the M4s doing gen surg...i need some counseling!

man, that's crazy. i went from wanting to do peds to peds genetics to ob/gyn to gen surg...??? and i'm still not even 100% sure yet? it's a bit scary...i just need to focus on doing well throughout the rest of this year, acing the step 2, and then i can keep on after that. sigh.

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