Wednesday, February 24, 2010


so we had our surgery test yesterday, and let me tell you, it was just a whole lot of suck. but whatever. i saw an early glimpse of my grade to come, and it was just blah. so blah. thanks, self, for knowing how to bring my grade down! alas. so since then i've just been lounging...i've been restarting my knitting and got some really good gear to get me through the next few weeks. i've also started my usmle world question bank today. did 30 questions...and i have to say, they are much better than step 1 questions! i had a dream the other day that i had made a's to hoping that becomes a reality!

tomorrow i have a "discuss my future" meeting...i'm kind of scared, actually. what's the worst that can happen? they tell me i can't do what i want to do and i gotta think of something else. alas. such is life i guess. so here's to crossing my fingers...

watching the olympics...watching the folks crash or get disqualified or whatever, man, that just makes me so sad. because i know what it's like to fail at something...but at least i got some second chances, right?

friday is our senior planning day. which i am nervous about! but at least i know what i want to do, so that helps a little bit. so many people in my class don't know what they want to do, and it's contagious, the worry. well, can't think about all of them all the time, though i do since we're all friends! i just feel like it's so early to be thinking about NEXT YEAR, but really, it's not next year, M4 year starts july 1! aak! residency applications are due september 1! i heard the rank lists were due today for the M4s. we're all feeling the fun.

ok, i'm going to stop whining now and just do some knitting...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what have i done this week?

this week in particular has been CRAZY! let's recap...shall we?
  • ex lap ex lap ex lap! (exploring inside someone's belly.)
  • attempted to do laparoscopic cholecystectomy on a morbidly obese patient, have to convert to open, and yours truly retracts the abdomen UP for a long time...tiring! patient is doing well though, yay!
  • saw someone's spleen get emergently cut out...those silly spleens do a lot of damage when they got a hole in them...
  • learned that too much tylenol = super bad liver failure
  • also learned that gauze directly applied to small intestines and allowed to harden is a bad bad thing...not something i did, but witnessed the aftermath...
  • had a pt yell at me because he didn't want to see a med student...then called local "hotshot" lawyer with ads on every street corner in town on us! attending chewed out pt for him being rude to me. it was awesome. will i go to court? the pt has no case. who knows! hahaha...crazy people
  • had a pt refer to his foley as his "pee pee cup". interesting. he crazy too.
  • oh yeah, and another pt stopped bleeding with flour. FLOUR. F. L. O. U. R. like from the kitchen. why not a bandaid? he said the flour worked better. did not ask if it was AP vs. self-rising...
it's been crazy, but fun too. had a resident tell me that i'm smart and i know my stuff, but i need to learn to not second guess myself. it was such a compliment, but also very good critique of what i need to work on...i know i second guess all the time. i really need to stop that because it's not going to help me out in the long run.

currently on call. may the call gods be nice far i've gotten to sew up a scalp laceration in the ER. pretty intense when you got the family watching, ha. it was all good in the end.

and now i will sleep. cardinal rule of being on call is sleep when you can. and i got a shower in already. yay! chao chao!

Friday, February 12, 2010


i'm tired tonight. alas. i have to go in and have notes written by 7:00 am...not bad, i don't have to stay for rounds or anything, but i guess it's a bit annoying. but then i have nothing to do on sunday! yay. next week will start either trauma or acute care surgery...only 1 last week of surgery left. then we have a test, and many days off! it's glorious. i have a meeting coming up that i'm a bit nervous about, but i think it will end up being ok.

i have this addiction to sour gummy worms. omg. can't stop!

anyone watching the olympics?

this post is just lame. alas. i wanted to blog, but i'm tired too. so that's lame. also, i really want to go shopping. for cute fun stuff. that i won't wear. because i wear scrubs. or just boring pants + shirt. donde esta the money? blah.

ok, opening ceremony starting...chao!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

go saints!

i'm really excited about today, since i have been a saints fan since i guess i was born. saints by default. i really really want them to beat the colts, i just want them to WIN! i'm going to a party later today, and in the NOLA spirit i'm making a king cake. i'm just hoping it's better than my first attempt, where the filling exploded out and the baby jesus "almond" came out and all. but i think this time will be better. it's currently in its first rising.

i sent an email today to an attending i had on CT surgery who told me "keep me in touch" at the end of my 2 weeks telling him that i have decided on general surgery, more or less. (i didn't say "more or less", ha.) i have spent the last few weeks telling myself that...and i'm becoming more comfortable with the idea...i guess the only thing really holding me back is that i know i'm not a very competitive student, and i'm scared of failing at getting into a residency. the best thing i can do now is just make a wonderful step 2 ck score. after surgery is over this month i will begin officially my step 2 studying. 5 year residency! aaah! so long, BUT when i think about it, if i did anything else, i would specialize. take peds, if i did end up doing peds, i would want to specialize in something, which would add 2-3 years anyway. that would be 5-6 years right there to specialize. so i guess it works out anyway. it's just scary. everything moves so fast in med school, it almost seems unfair that we have to pick as soon as we do. someone i know was going to do internal medicine, and then happened to do a pathology month in JANUARY and then SWITCHED! after he had gone on medicine interviews! so he's gone on 1 path interview at our school, and just hoping that he matches there. 1 interview. switching in january? it's so scary. and they want us to know like now what we want to do. it makes me want to vomit sometimes.

i've gotten really good comments (at least in my opinion) so far. i'm sure most people get good comments, but i guess since i haven't gotten any bad ones, that helps me out? and i don't necessarily know everything that i should, but i get EXCITED!!! ha, i think i scare some of the surgeons because i'm a bit too eager, but i think they appreciate the FUN i bring to the table. i mean, who gets excited about retracting with a damn malleable? ME! haha...

H and i racked the orange wine yesterday, and it's bubbling well. i hope it tastes better than what it tasted like yesterday...haha. it's still got some clarifying to do...

now i'm thinking about lunch...i'm thinking a veggie fried rice...i have broccoli, asparagus, tofu, and rice, so hoping it tastes good. reserving the lovely solitary egg i have for the egg wash on the king cake. and i'm doing a cream cheese filling for it. and glazes with appropriate colored sugars. i'm using orange to flavor everything...blood orange, to be precise. and the COLOR of the juiced blood oranges is quite lovely. LOVELY!

ok, i will start cooking now and then do some reading in between tending to my cake. good day everyone...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

post the call

today has been a post call day...which means i got home before lunch, did laundry, ate, and then slept until H called me around 5:00. then since then i've just been lazing about...i think i'm going to bed soon anyways.

call last night was alright...i managed to get about 4.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, but the bed is horrible and i woke up not refreshed. alas. and i was cold. we had 2 bravo pages, nothing incredibly thrilling.

i finally scheduled my step 2 ck tonight...june 11. i hope i'm ready to make an awesome score then, but if i'm not ready, i can push it back. H and i are planning a 2 week vacation to spain in june so i wanted to take my test before we left, and then M4 year starts july 1. i've been thinking about M4 year's a bit daunting. i would love to do 2 away rotations, but at the very least doing 1. problem is, i don't know where yet. i really want to have an advisory type meeting, but i just am not really sure who to go talk to. sounds like i got to visit the med school mama tomorrow during my down time...i also need to meet up with one of the M4s doing gen surg...i need some counseling!

man, that's crazy. i went from wanting to do peds to peds genetics to ob/gyn to gen surg...??? and i'm still not even 100% sure yet? it's a bit scary...i just need to focus on doing well throughout the rest of this year, acing the step 2, and then i can keep on after that. sigh.