Sunday, January 10, 2010

weekend laziness

so by a stroke of luck i was given the whole weekend off, woo! and i got done at noon on friday...i went out to lunch with H and then donated some platelets and packed red blood cells...and puked all over myself. the anticoagulant can make you sick, and i guess i got sick. alas! got to puke in a paper bag like they have in the airplanes. it's all good though...went out that night with friends and had a lot of fun. yesterday just lazed around recovering from all the excitement. plus my mom was running a race and i went out to see her. fun times! but i was so worn out! today i did some reading, went to the gym, and made some KING CAKE! and some loaves of bread...unfortunately my bread loaves look weird, but i'm sure they taste good. the king cake is excellent! i think i ate too much just now...alas...

this is one more week on CT surg...i think there are 2 CABGs scheduled for this week. so another slow complaints from me!

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