Wednesday, January 06, 2010

ct surgery

ct (cardiothoracic) surgery is fun! namely because it is CHILL this week...ha. only 1 surgery scheduled, and it was yesterday. yours truly scrubbed lasted 6 hours! but it was SO COOL to see the HEART PUMPING. AND THEN STOPPED. AND THEN CUT OPEN. AND THEN FIXED. AND THEN RESTARTED. yeah. very very cool. and i got to retract the right ventricle. i was kind of scared. ha. didn't want to rip open the heart. and i was all over the tubes connecting to the ECMO machine...basically the heart/lung machine that pumps the bloods...i love surgery! i love the insides and being able to TOUCH the insides!

today was NOTHING. woo! break time!

tomorrow, my resident is forcing my partner and i to talk to the M1/M2s about what it's like to be a med student on a surgery rotation...ha. shouldn't be too painful, since i like surgery and talking to large groups of people. and free lunch maybe? probably. i'll do almost anything for a free lunch!

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chasingzebras said...

lucky girl! I think I scrubbed 12 CABGs during my 2 weeks, not exaggerating 1 bit. Might have even been more. It was HELLACIOUS - probably because I was sick at the time too - and we had 1 resident that was pretty awful. Oy... I feel pain just thinking back to that 2 weeks.