Tuesday, December 01, 2009

what i did today

today i got to school at 5 am. i left at nearly 6 pm. fought traffic all the way home. my feet hurt. but today was AWESOME! i was the only med student there, so that meant i got to scrub into everything. still haven't been able to do anything past retracting or cutting sutures, but it's super cool to finally see stuff i've only read about in notes, etc.

surgeries i scrubbed in today:
  • chemoport placement
  • another chemoport placement
  • laparoscopic liver biopsy and g-tube placement
  • anal polyp removal
  • omphalocele removal and belly button creation
  • umbilical hernia repair
  • exploratory laparotomy (and i got to feel intestines for the first time)
super cool. i'm really enjoying myself...i can't wait for when i finally get a chance to do something more, but for now it's really fun to watch. i like scrubbing in...i know, i'm weird. haven't been asked too many questions, and my team is super cool. they've been so nice to me so far...just don't want to disappoint, ha.

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chasingzebras said...

I knew you'd love peds surgery! Busy, but very very cool.