Monday, December 28, 2009

happy holidays and oh yeah i'm sick

this happens to me every time we have an "extended break"...i get a cold. alas! for the past few days i've been runny nosing, sneezing, coughing (productive), blah feeling...alas. i thought i shouldn't get RSV again after having it with the children, so maybe an adenovirus? blah!

holidays were to see all my friends and H's friends and respective families. i am the proud owner of black pumps and mom went a bit overboard in getting me professional shoes but methinks it's ok in the long run. i'm waiting on K to be done with her morning stuff so we can spend the day shopping and possibly lunching. (i need to return one of the black pairs of shoes for brown...i always forget about BROWN!) i'm keeping my eyes open for cardigans (i'm old), tights (i'm regressing), sweater(s) for H, and whatever else catches my fancy. oh, a wallet. a part of me would love a charcoal gray nice winter coat that i could wear to interviews and nice maybe i'll look out for that too. but mostly it will be nice to travel about town with friends and window shop.

this week i'm hoping to get back to school and volunteer some hours on L&D. i liked it, but am i liking surgery more? i also need to do a thorough cleaning/organizing of my apartment. it's my goal before the new year begins to have a clean apartment! ha, wonder if it will really happen...

sorry posts have been sparse, but i'm on vacation. ha!

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