Sunday, December 06, 2009

first trauma call

trauma call was interesting, fun. the weather was appropriately icy so we basically just had car crash victims. scrubbed in an abdominal aortic aneurysm repair! super long, blood squirting everywhere...even got yelled at by the attending but who cares. didn't really bother me because he was screaming like a toddler for a piece of equipment that wasn't going to be life or death at that moment. but now i know what it looks like, ha. won't dilly-dally for 10 extra seconds next time. not my fault the scrub tech couldn't get to it...don't put the retractors next to med student! got to do a lot of peds surgery consults too. dare i say it...i really enjoyed peds surgery! i don't want to move on. if you told me that i had to be a pediatric surgeon, i think i could do it. it just takes so long to get to that point, and it's so competitive...and i'm so NOT competitive at this point...oh well. next up is plastics. (this is the kind of stuff that gets me down sometimes...i know my path through med school happened for a reason, and i feel like i'm a better person now for it, but i feel like it's going to really limit me when the time crunch for residency selection begins. who knows. blah!)

so i spent the majority of today sleeping after i got home. now i'm craving a pb and j sammich. i think i'll make myself one and then lay on the couch some more. i've been so lazy, which is nice for once. i can't wait for christmas break...i want to get back to the L&D suite for a few hours, but really i'm just getting more and more confused. i feel like my personality fits in more with the surgery females moreso than the ob/gyn females, but blah. it's still too early in the game.

enough of this! eating time...

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