Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the boredom finally hits me...

so i'm still in sick recovery...i've nearly cleaned up my room. i've explored all of facebook and read SDN way too many times. (i know, i'm a super nerd for enjoying the SDN forums. hee hee...) i've made bread pudding, loaves of bread, shrimp bisque, mushroom linguine, and fantasized about other items i want to cook. i've replenished my liquor and wine supply and watched enough food network to drive anyone crazy. i've caught up on all the "teen mom" episodes on mtv...don't judge me, i love that series! but now i think i'm bored. i want to go back to school, but not really. still haven't really cemented new year's plans, but that's ok.

i did some shopping yesterday and got some on sale sweaters. that makes me happy. i did get a wallet and BOOTS. everything else can wait...can't do too much at once. i could do laundry. oh yeah, and the ironing...blugh.

alright, fixing up lunch and then will deliver it to H. fun stuff!

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