Friday, November 13, 2009

week recap

wow, have i not really blogged in over a week?

my bad.

i've really enjoyed this week...i've been on hem/onc clinic in the mornings and in continuity clinic in the afternoons. continuity basically means well baby checks and whatnot. hem/onc is great...say what you will about it being "so sad" and whatever, but the patients are so interesting. i've seen a kid with TAR syndrome (thrombocytopenia and bilateral absent radii...basically low platelets and missing arm bones), neurofibromatosis type 1, various sickle cells, and the best of my patients that i followed post-operatively on gyn! she had a tumor removed, i followed her for a few days after her surgery, and now's she's getting chemo at the hem/onc clinic. it was so nice to be able to see how she's been doing, and she looked so good. not that she ever looked bad, but being all bundled up in a hospital bed to dressed all trendy and whatnot, it was nice. and she remembered me. that really made my day.

also, i've gotten to do 2 LUMBAR PUNCTURES this week! and they were both clear champagne taps! woo! they were on kids getting chemo in their csf due to cns relapses, sadness. but i guess for the positive spin, i LOVED doing the procedures. yesterday i did my first one, and today the second. one of the nurses in the OR commented that yesterday she couldn't believe it was my first LP since i was able to do it so quickly and smoothly. well, today i got the needle in the right spot almost immediately, the attending was surprised and was like "i gotta hurry up and draw up my meds!" and the nurse had a look of shock on her face. a "good shock" look, but it made me have the biggest shit-eating grin ever. ha. not to brag on myself, but i was so very happy that everything went so well (times two!). i may not say the right things, but i guess i make up for it with my skillzzzz...ha! but i must say, it helps when the patient is sedated and of normal weight. so i had some advantages. i can't wait to do another one! who knows when that will be, alas. you just find your bony landmarks, angle your needle correctly, and go on in...if you hit bone, pull back and just angle your needle a bit more, take out the stylet and see if you have csf flowing out, if not, push a little deeper, and BAM! there you go. simple as pie.

so yeah, this week was really good. and i got to do some procedures and look in microscopes. maybe peds hem/onc is the way to go...ha! (but i wouldn't want to steal tiny letter's specialty!) regardless, i just find myself really enjoying the hands on starts in a week so who knows, maybe i'll love it.

now it's time to go get some awesome frozen yogurt! woo!


OleMissBabyDoc said...

Awesome! If you're in the unit for rounds monday I'll definitely see ya. Glad you're feeling better! :)

tinyletters said...

See... insert "i told you so" here...yall always think I'm crazy... it's so AWESOME!!!!