Sunday, November 29, 2009

thanksgiving was awesome

four days in a row of not having to be at the hospital. wonderful. however, that bubble will be busted tomorrow at 4:30 am when my alarm goes off. pediatric surgery has been going well so far, all 2 days of it. i'm bringing my leftover carrot cake tomorrow for the surgery residents, and if i can get my butt off the couch i will be making some bread today as well. i should also gym since i ate an obscene amount of food the last few days. i just want to nap.

tomorrow is the last day that i will have M4s on my service. starting tuesday (december 1), i will be the only med student. aak. that means i scrub in on everything, or close to everything, and have more work to do. but that's ok. i think i can survive? only 3 weeks until christmas break! woo!

i suppose i should resist the nap urge and get up and do stuff. ugh. i want a couple more days off!

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