Wednesday, November 18, 2009

nursery week

this week i get to stare at babies who lay in cribs. some of them are cute. some have weirdo freakazoid parents. alas. such is life.

i saw a boy get circumcised this week. OUCH! but i will say that they did a nerve block and everything, but it did look brutal. i'm still going to circumcise all my future sons if i have any! better to do it younger rather than older, and it really does have good health benefits. but still, ouch!

today i sat through a nearly 3 hour lecture on breast feeding. it was quite informative, but maybe a bit too informative? and long? ha. i will say breast is best. the vacuum pumps though, i pumped my arm to just feel how it feels and it is WEIRD. kudos to all those breast pumping moms because to have things sucking on your boobs has got to feel very odd. but i fully recommend breast feeding over bottle, or at least trying. no bad feelings for those that breast feed and supplement with formula, because i can imagine that it is hard to keep up. if i ever have kids, i'll certainly try my darndest to breast feed for the first 6 months (what is recommended, ideally up to 1 year).

only 2 more days of peds then surgery! aah! and i have a test on friday! aaaak!

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