Sunday, November 15, 2009

the best book ever, or at least a very good one

the spirit catches you and you fall down. by anne fadiman.

seriously, read this book. it's about a hmong family in merced, ca, and how they interact with the local doctors, community, and also about all the warfare they've had to endure. a cultural book, very striking. the author does a terrific job conveying everything.

i just finished reading it, and wow.

just had to post this so i would remember to talk more about it later. the ethics book club meets tomorrow to talk about it, so hopefully i'll make some more comments.

now i think i'll make an apple cranberry pie.


OleMissBabyDoc said...

I'll be over for some apple cranberry pie soon. Haha. Sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

A very good book indeed.

I agree with the family physician quoted in the book as saying "It's their body" for ALL patients. In my experience, death is NOT the worst possible outcome. It's important to step back and consider what we're trying to achieve with diagnostics and treatment. Sometimes we must recognize our limitations, and the practicality and even futility of certain planned courses of therapy. This is near-heretical thinking in medical culture but I think it's important to remember that the patient has the right to decide what is most important to him or her... and the patient's desires may conflict with the physician's plans.

Good fodder for discussion.

frylime said...

to anonymous:

that line you quoted, that was the ONLY line i underlined in the whole book! i completely agree!

after the discussion tonight i'll be sure to post some more thoughts...thanks for the comment!