Monday, October 19, 2009

update needed, i suppose

so i've been on peds for a week. i've had some good moments and some blah moments. is it everything i've hoped for and then some? eh. i've still got 5 weeks left to go. i do enjoy being with the kids, but it seems like all my patients have been BABIES, like 2 wk old babies. while i do enjoy a good baby, well, they aren't too exciting. i've certainly had some interesting diagnosis, like pyloric stenosis, labial abscess, suspected child abuse resulting in significant brain damage, rsv (like a really bad flu), and UTI in tiny babies. i haven't gotten sick yet, but i'm pretty sure that this week i might get a virus because one of my patients wasn't on contact isolation, but then all of a sudden was (the rsv baby), and of course i was all up in his business and so it's just a matter of time. as far as hours, it's not so bad.

it's just hard to think about IS THIS GOING TO BE THE THING I DO FOREVER AND EVER? i just get anxious i guess. i really liked ob/gyn, but all i can think about now is the female domination (leads to cattiness, i guess, and i'm not so much of a girly girl), the really long hours, the high insurance, etc, etc. and now i'm like, peds? it's only been a week, and it's alright, but i can't judge the entirety of peds just on one week of being on the wards. i still have my clinic week to do. and i like the kids, i really do. i guess i just hate wards? or rounding? blah! haha...i'm just so anxious about it all. just don't want to make a mistake or something. WITH MY LIFE. aak. the pressure, alas.

yesterday H and i had a really nice bike ride at a local park. my butt is still sore, but it was super fun to ride through the mud and the trees and whatnot. i really need to invest in a helmet...almost had a few close calls with some puddles. tonight i'm going to make a curried pumpkin soup. i'm super excited. i've really been into winter squashes lately for some reason...i guess it's because roasting is fun and especially ROASTED PUMPKIN SEEDS! those are the for serious.

i guess it's time to go to the store to get ingredients for dinner, and then i needs to study. got a small group tomorrow i gotta prepare for, and to write my H&P. boo that. and then i think i have a test on friday? better check up on that!

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