Monday, October 12, 2009

taste test

so today during our peds orientation we got to taste some of the medicines that are prescribed to the kiddos while they are sick with various diseases. some of the medicines were tasty enough, evoking banana, bubble gum, and cherry. however, some of them i wanted to just hurl afterwards...ferrous sulfate anyone? or clinda? prednisolone? YUCK. disgusting, but very important exercise to understand how hard it is to get kids to take their medicines.

today was light...just got oriented and assigned a patient to see in the morning, so the real stuff starts tomorrow. and i'm on call tomorrow. fun times!

now i need to get ready to go to an alumni event at a local swanky restaurant. don't tell anyone, but i'm just going for the free food, but i guess it would be nice to mingle with fellow engineers, even though i'm not an engineer anymore. who cares. free food is always good enough to get me somewhere.


tinyletters said...

I'm so jealous!!!!!

MedZag said...

We did the same taste tests on my peds rotation. Felt like a week before the taste of clinda was out of my mouth.

Give me amoxicillin bubblegum any day though. Yummmmmm.