Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a milestone

i can now say without a doubt that i have finally watched FOREST GUMP the movie!

and it was a darn good one too! why did i wait all these years? haha...

i am now in my 3rd week of wards...it's going alright. i'll be glad when wards is over...i'm on call tomorrow. i plan on waking up a bit early to make some banana muffins for the team. or moreso for me, ha.

there's an ob/gyn party on thursday that i'm going to. i'm going to do my best to not force myself down one specialty path, but to compare and contrast several. when i applied to college i only applied to one place, and sometimes i wonder what life would have been like if i had applied to several places. so for my future career, i'm thinking of different things. i may end up with peds anyway...the kids are fun! i just kind of am just "blah" about wards. maybe it will be better next year when i do it as a sub-intern...that way i have more duties and more work which makes time pass by so much faster than just sitting on your butt for hours...alas. another story for another day.

i gots to sleep. chao!

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