Saturday, October 03, 2009

interesting week

last week i was on benign gynecology. spent a few days in clinic, few days in surgery. got to assist in 2 abdominal hysterectomies. also, my car wouldn't start one morning...turns out a cell in my battery had died. luckily a classmate on his way in to the hospital just happened to be driving by my street when i called, so no harm there. got that fixed easily. H went off to boston for a week and some change, so i'm taking the opportunity to just clean up my apartment (kitchen specifically) and STUDY for my ob/gyn board on friday. then i'll start peds...and my mind is just so conflicted. i know that i'm going to miss all the surgery...there's nothing like seeing inside the human body. it's such a privilege and a crazy thing and such responsibility all at the same time. there's all kinds of crazy sounds...the bovie as it burns and cauterizes blood vessels and cuts through tissue, the suction of the vacuum sucker, snips of the scissors, the music (sometimes) in the background. i really enjoy the process of it all...the scrubbing, the gowning, the way everyone interacts in the OR to take care of the patient. all defined roles. i just think it's pretty cool.

you know what's crazy? there was a PIG meeting last week and *gasp* i didn't go to it! i forgot all about it, and was stuck in surgery anyway, and the kicker? i didn't care that i missed it. i wonder what that is saying about my love for it dwindling? is the ob/gyn love greater? i also happened to look up pediatric/adolescent fellowships for ob/gyn...they're not completely "official", but some programs offer 2-3 years of extra training in various areas. maybe i can pair my 2 interests together after all...but we'll see. i'm so glad peds is next in my rotation schedule. i'll really be able to compare/contrast the 2, because i really feel that's what it's going to come down to in the end.

this morning i finally got a haircut. i sheepishly told my hair stylist that when i was bored at school i would play with my split ends, so it's been time for a long time to get a cut. he just gave me one of those "alas" looks, and laughed. i love my hair guy...i don't know what i'm going to do once it's time to move on to a new locale. bring him with me? so now my hair is just a touch shorter, but still long and luscious...ha! i also went down to the ann taylor loft and they were having a sale...i got a gray skirt and a khaki skirt (and i've been needing a good khaki skirt to round out my colors of skirts!) and some brown capri pants. i probably shouldn't have spent money, but everything was on super sale, so i didn't spend too much. plus i got basics that i've been wanting, and the only thing left on my list of "i want" are some black pumps that are FUN but also comfy, but i'm not too much in a hurry about that. one thing i want to get into this fall/winter is wearing tights under skirts...i hate wearing pants, but it's a necessary evil. i want to be stylish like my friend Seriously Silly...she always wears fun tights with skirts and dresses in a way that i want to.

for this afternoon, i figure i'll go to the mega-beauty store and look at the hairbrushes...i've been wanting a new one for a while. maybe i'll pop into the shoe store next door, but i'll end up at the bookstore so i can get a fancy coffee drink, read some magazines, and study my blueprints questions. the weather is just so nice, i love fall! then i'll go grocery shopping for just a few things and come on home. it's a "me day" today, and i'm thankful for it. next week i start gyn oncology, which i hear is a toughie, so taking some time off for myself before a hard week + hard exam is always welcome.


chasingzebras said...

Aw frylime - you make me blush bragging on my fashionista ways :)

P.S. - Can't believe you're loving OB/GYN but how exciting!!! I can't wait for it.

Good luck on your test.

OleMissBabyDoc said...

I hope gyn/onc is going okay. Cool that you're loving OB.. I always feel as though if I end up torn, it'll be between peds and OB. But then again, I have a baby complex, so moms may not want me delivering them (my attention quickly turns to the newborn and not the bloody mess in front of me).

But we're all going to need a good OB eventually! :) :luck: on staying well in peds during this icky flu season!