Thursday, October 29, 2009


i got my h1n1 vaccine today, and my arm isn't hurting at all! when i got my seasonal flu shot earlier this year, my arm hurt like hell. this time, no pain. though i do feel tired, but that could also be due to lack of sleep and 2 glasses of wine...

go get your H1N1 vaccine if you can!

tonight was the ob/gyn interest group "mixer" was really nice to see all the residents again! it just made me feel all excited again about ob...hopefully this christmas break i'll get a chance to go and play on L&D some.

today was a bit hectic as far as patients were concerned...had to pick up 3 without even having seen them while they were being admitted, and then told i had to pick up another. that's ok, more work is alright by me, but it was just a tiny bit hectic. i was glad to go home for sure. tomorrow should be better since we won't be post call, and i get to wear my cat ears for halloween fun! woo!

ok, early bedtime for me tonight. bye!

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OleMissBabyDoc said...

I got mine this morning and it isn't bothering me either. Yay for no swine flu for us!!