Sunday, October 11, 2009

golden weekend

this weekend is the glorious weekend-in-between-rotations...that means no responsibilities, no studying, no NOTHING! oh how it makes me happy. friday i went out for sushi with some friends, yesterday i slept in till like 10:00 am, laid around and watched tv, ate some dinner and gymmed, played in target, and today i slept in AGAIN till far i've just straightened up my apartment a bit, washed dishes. and now i'm just laying around. ha. i've also been brainstorming a halloween costume school puts on a huge party and i really want to "go all out" as they say.

the last week on gyn onc wasn't so bad. i had the privilege of taking care of a 14 year old girl for a few days post-op from an ovarian mass removal. unfortunately she is going to have to have some chemo, but her prognosis is actually very good. i just really enjoy working for the teens, i really do. it's kind of fun to be like, ok, have you tooted today? pooped? THESE ARE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!!! THE ONLY TIME IN YOUR LIFE THAT EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR POOP! and i say it dramatically, ha, and everyone laughs. and when she finally pooped i did a mini-happy dance and all was well. i found out later that the family told the resident that they really liked me, and that made my day. i wonder if i'll see her in the cancer clinic in the peds hospital...

the last surgery was so crazy. a lady came in looking like she was full term pregnant, but turns out she was only 14 weeks or so. she shouldn't have really been showing anything at that point. took her back for surgery assuming we would take out her ovarian mass that the radiologist said was on the ct scan. turns out, ovaries were fine. she just really had a liver mass! liver what? check the scan, and then, plain as day, a huge liver mass was very apparent. lesson learned? check the scan YOURSELF before doing the surgery! don't just rely on the report! so we had to get the transplant folks in to remove the liver mass which turned out to be benign. us M3s got to run up and down the various ORs in the different hospitals transporting the various equipment...we got a lot of interested looks and i was like YES WE ARE IMPORTANT AND OUT OF THE WAY. hopefully the lady will be just fine and the baby too.

so with this, i'm going to try and not opine too much on how i loved the ob/gyns. i will say that i've gotten some great feedback so far on my evaluations and that is very encouraging to me. i'll definitely have to make some time to come back and hang out on the L&D suite. but now i got to look forward to peds! woo! i already got some stickers so can bribe the little stickers. i mean, how cool is that! i just hope i don't get chronically sick. i got enough health issues going on, i don't need anymore.

so the rest of today, i plan on going grocery shopping. i was thinking about making some bread, but also thinking of baking a veggie torte or something with some puff pastry if i can find it at the store. and i'll probably watch a lot of tv, just because i can. i already did laundry, and finally hung all my skirts that i haven't had hangers for. i could try and mend the sole of one of my shoes. i should also try and sort through my clothes, but eh, i'm too lazy. i'll save that for later.

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