Thursday, October 29, 2009


i got my h1n1 vaccine today, and my arm isn't hurting at all! when i got my seasonal flu shot earlier this year, my arm hurt like hell. this time, no pain. though i do feel tired, but that could also be due to lack of sleep and 2 glasses of wine...

go get your H1N1 vaccine if you can!

tonight was the ob/gyn interest group "mixer" was really nice to see all the residents again! it just made me feel all excited again about ob...hopefully this christmas break i'll get a chance to go and play on L&D some.

today was a bit hectic as far as patients were concerned...had to pick up 3 without even having seen them while they were being admitted, and then told i had to pick up another. that's ok, more work is alright by me, but it was just a tiny bit hectic. i was glad to go home for sure. tomorrow should be better since we won't be post call, and i get to wear my cat ears for halloween fun! woo!

ok, early bedtime for me tonight. bye!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a milestone

i can now say without a doubt that i have finally watched FOREST GUMP the movie!

and it was a darn good one too! why did i wait all these years? haha...

i am now in my 3rd week of's going alright. i'll be glad when wards is over...i'm on call tomorrow. i plan on waking up a bit early to make some banana muffins for the team. or moreso for me, ha.

there's an ob/gyn party on thursday that i'm going to. i'm going to do my best to not force myself down one specialty path, but to compare and contrast several. when i applied to college i only applied to one place, and sometimes i wonder what life would have been like if i had applied to several places. so for my future career, i'm thinking of different things. i may end up with peds anyway...the kids are fun! i just kind of am just "blah" about wards. maybe it will be better next year when i do it as a sub-intern...that way i have more duties and more work which makes time pass by so much faster than just sitting on your butt for hours...alas. another story for another day.

i gots to sleep. chao!

Monday, October 19, 2009

update needed, i suppose

so i've been on peds for a week. i've had some good moments and some blah moments. is it everything i've hoped for and then some? eh. i've still got 5 weeks left to go. i do enjoy being with the kids, but it seems like all my patients have been BABIES, like 2 wk old babies. while i do enjoy a good baby, well, they aren't too exciting. i've certainly had some interesting diagnosis, like pyloric stenosis, labial abscess, suspected child abuse resulting in significant brain damage, rsv (like a really bad flu), and UTI in tiny babies. i haven't gotten sick yet, but i'm pretty sure that this week i might get a virus because one of my patients wasn't on contact isolation, but then all of a sudden was (the rsv baby), and of course i was all up in his business and so it's just a matter of time. as far as hours, it's not so bad.

it's just hard to think about IS THIS GOING TO BE THE THING I DO FOREVER AND EVER? i just get anxious i guess. i really liked ob/gyn, but all i can think about now is the female domination (leads to cattiness, i guess, and i'm not so much of a girly girl), the really long hours, the high insurance, etc, etc. and now i'm like, peds? it's only been a week, and it's alright, but i can't judge the entirety of peds just on one week of being on the wards. i still have my clinic week to do. and i like the kids, i really do. i guess i just hate wards? or rounding? blah! haha...i'm just so anxious about it all. just don't want to make a mistake or something. WITH MY LIFE. aak. the pressure, alas.

yesterday H and i had a really nice bike ride at a local park. my butt is still sore, but it was super fun to ride through the mud and the trees and whatnot. i really need to invest in a helmet...almost had a few close calls with some puddles. tonight i'm going to make a curried pumpkin soup. i'm super excited. i've really been into winter squashes lately for some reason...i guess it's because roasting is fun and especially ROASTED PUMPKIN SEEDS! those are the for serious.

i guess it's time to go to the store to get ingredients for dinner, and then i needs to study. got a small group tomorrow i gotta prepare for, and to write my H&P. boo that. and then i think i have a test on friday? better check up on that!

Monday, October 12, 2009

taste test

so today during our peds orientation we got to taste some of the medicines that are prescribed to the kiddos while they are sick with various diseases. some of the medicines were tasty enough, evoking banana, bubble gum, and cherry. however, some of them i wanted to just hurl afterwards...ferrous sulfate anyone? or clinda? prednisolone? YUCK. disgusting, but very important exercise to understand how hard it is to get kids to take their medicines.

today was light...just got oriented and assigned a patient to see in the morning, so the real stuff starts tomorrow. and i'm on call tomorrow. fun times!

now i need to get ready to go to an alumni event at a local swanky restaurant. don't tell anyone, but i'm just going for the free food, but i guess it would be nice to mingle with fellow engineers, even though i'm not an engineer anymore. who cares. free food is always good enough to get me somewhere.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

golden weekend

this weekend is the glorious weekend-in-between-rotations...that means no responsibilities, no studying, no NOTHING! oh how it makes me happy. friday i went out for sushi with some friends, yesterday i slept in till like 10:00 am, laid around and watched tv, ate some dinner and gymmed, played in target, and today i slept in AGAIN till far i've just straightened up my apartment a bit, washed dishes. and now i'm just laying around. ha. i've also been brainstorming a halloween costume school puts on a huge party and i really want to "go all out" as they say.

the last week on gyn onc wasn't so bad. i had the privilege of taking care of a 14 year old girl for a few days post-op from an ovarian mass removal. unfortunately she is going to have to have some chemo, but her prognosis is actually very good. i just really enjoy working for the teens, i really do. it's kind of fun to be like, ok, have you tooted today? pooped? THESE ARE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!!! THE ONLY TIME IN YOUR LIFE THAT EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR POOP! and i say it dramatically, ha, and everyone laughs. and when she finally pooped i did a mini-happy dance and all was well. i found out later that the family told the resident that they really liked me, and that made my day. i wonder if i'll see her in the cancer clinic in the peds hospital...

the last surgery was so crazy. a lady came in looking like she was full term pregnant, but turns out she was only 14 weeks or so. she shouldn't have really been showing anything at that point. took her back for surgery assuming we would take out her ovarian mass that the radiologist said was on the ct scan. turns out, ovaries were fine. she just really had a liver mass! liver what? check the scan, and then, plain as day, a huge liver mass was very apparent. lesson learned? check the scan YOURSELF before doing the surgery! don't just rely on the report! so we had to get the transplant folks in to remove the liver mass which turned out to be benign. us M3s got to run up and down the various ORs in the different hospitals transporting the various equipment...we got a lot of interested looks and i was like YES WE ARE IMPORTANT AND OUT OF THE WAY. hopefully the lady will be just fine and the baby too.

so with this, i'm going to try and not opine too much on how i loved the ob/gyns. i will say that i've gotten some great feedback so far on my evaluations and that is very encouraging to me. i'll definitely have to make some time to come back and hang out on the L&D suite. but now i got to look forward to peds! woo! i already got some stickers so can bribe the little stickers. i mean, how cool is that! i just hope i don't get chronically sick. i got enough health issues going on, i don't need anymore.

so the rest of today, i plan on going grocery shopping. i was thinking about making some bread, but also thinking of baking a veggie torte or something with some puff pastry if i can find it at the store. and i'll probably watch a lot of tv, just because i can. i already did laundry, and finally hung all my skirts that i haven't had hangers for. i could try and mend the sole of one of my shoes. i should also try and sort through my clothes, but eh, i'm too lazy. i'll save that for later.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

interesting week

last week i was on benign gynecology. spent a few days in clinic, few days in surgery. got to assist in 2 abdominal hysterectomies. also, my car wouldn't start one morning...turns out a cell in my battery had died. luckily a classmate on his way in to the hospital just happened to be driving by my street when i called, so no harm there. got that fixed easily. H went off to boston for a week and some change, so i'm taking the opportunity to just clean up my apartment (kitchen specifically) and STUDY for my ob/gyn board on friday. then i'll start peds...and my mind is just so conflicted. i know that i'm going to miss all the surgery...there's nothing like seeing inside the human body. it's such a privilege and a crazy thing and such responsibility all at the same time. there's all kinds of crazy sounds...the bovie as it burns and cauterizes blood vessels and cuts through tissue, the suction of the vacuum sucker, snips of the scissors, the music (sometimes) in the background. i really enjoy the process of it all...the scrubbing, the gowning, the way everyone interacts in the OR to take care of the patient. all defined roles. i just think it's pretty cool.

you know what's crazy? there was a PIG meeting last week and *gasp* i didn't go to it! i forgot all about it, and was stuck in surgery anyway, and the kicker? i didn't care that i missed it. i wonder what that is saying about my love for it dwindling? is the ob/gyn love greater? i also happened to look up pediatric/adolescent fellowships for ob/gyn...they're not completely "official", but some programs offer 2-3 years of extra training in various areas. maybe i can pair my 2 interests together after all...but we'll see. i'm so glad peds is next in my rotation schedule. i'll really be able to compare/contrast the 2, because i really feel that's what it's going to come down to in the end.

this morning i finally got a haircut. i sheepishly told my hair stylist that when i was bored at school i would play with my split ends, so it's been time for a long time to get a cut. he just gave me one of those "alas" looks, and laughed. i love my hair guy...i don't know what i'm going to do once it's time to move on to a new locale. bring him with me? so now my hair is just a touch shorter, but still long and luscious...ha! i also went down to the ann taylor loft and they were having a sale...i got a gray skirt and a khaki skirt (and i've been needing a good khaki skirt to round out my colors of skirts!) and some brown capri pants. i probably shouldn't have spent money, but everything was on super sale, so i didn't spend too much. plus i got basics that i've been wanting, and the only thing left on my list of "i want" are some black pumps that are FUN but also comfy, but i'm not too much in a hurry about that. one thing i want to get into this fall/winter is wearing tights under skirts...i hate wearing pants, but it's a necessary evil. i want to be stylish like my friend Seriously Silly...she always wears fun tights with skirts and dresses in a way that i want to.

for this afternoon, i figure i'll go to the mega-beauty store and look at the hairbrushes...i've been wanting a new one for a while. maybe i'll pop into the shoe store next door, but i'll end up at the bookstore so i can get a fancy coffee drink, read some magazines, and study my blueprints questions. the weather is just so nice, i love fall! then i'll go grocery shopping for just a few things and come on home. it's a "me day" today, and i'm thankful for it. next week i start gyn oncology, which i hear is a toughie, so taking some time off for myself before a hard week + hard exam is always welcome.