Wednesday, September 16, 2009

night shift

is not so bad. i feel like i've adjusted pretty well without too much trouble. the only problem is night shift is WHERE ARE ALL THE PREGNANT LADIES!? ha, for the last 2 nights there just have been not many pregnant womens! where they at? hopefully tonight will be bumping...i haven't had any opportunities to scrub in on a c-section or really assist with a delivery...and i'm getting antsy!

also, last night i was following a spanish speaking patient, her english was so limited that i had to break out my broken spanish to talk with her. i kept screwing up of course, and didn't know all the words, but managed to get through what needed to be asked. her family was really appreciative i think because i tried. and the husband knew more english and helped to translate once he got the gist of what i was asking. and we can get into all the arguments of "the foreigners in the US should learn english"...i 100% agree with that assessment. if you are here, learn some english! at least try! my family moved over here from korea and learned some english real fast...i go to visit foreign countries and i practice my phrases because i don't expect them to cater to me. but is the here and now, no use making people feel bad when they need help, and i'm so glad that i was able to build rapport with that patient. it just strengthened my desire to become working-fluent in spanish anyways. and she had a super cute baby! ha, and during the delivery she kept yelling DIOS MIO!!! love it! no translation needed there...

last night i got to check a cervix and i finally could appreciate the dilation and effacement...and i was accurate with my check! 6 centimeters! and felt baby head! very cool indeed. and i took out some staples from a c-section wound. taking out staples is fun!

so now i'm eating some granola and about to start reviewing a case to go over tonight. hopefully the ladies be all trying to deliver or something...i'm going to be really sad when L&D is over!

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