Thursday, September 24, 2009

la la la

sorry folks, i've been a bit lazy. that's what REI does to a student...not so many patients, not so many surgeries...more time to just catch the ol' breath.

so far so good, we had adolescent gyn clinic on tuesday. that was really cool to get to see some of the kids and teens. what was sad was seeing little girls with genital warts. "her cousin got the same warts from taking a bath and sharing the wash towel with her daddy!" newsflash: you do not get warts from sharing baths. you do not get warts from using the same wash towel. shady. this patient though probably got it from her mom via the birth canal during her vaginal delivery. sadness.

today we saw a lady in clinic and her BP just happened to be over 200 systolic. yeah. that's bad. hypertensive urgency. no symptoms, thankfully. so we told her to go to the ER immediately after her appointment was over. she appropriately started to freak out a little, but we assured her that this was just urgent, she's not having symptoms, but she needs to get it fixed. i spent some extra time with her just telling her that she is allowed to have a visitor and that it would be fun to talk about the strange folks bumming around the ER, which made her laugh a little. and then i told her that she had a great personality and attitude and that she was going to be able to conquer her high blood pressure and control her weight. she was already aware of her problems, which is the first step. i really do hope she does well, and i actually feel like she is going to do well.

so yeah, at this point, i really feel like i may end up doing ob/gyn as a career. i know, completely different than peds, but i have REALLY enjoyed myself. i really like hearing about all the different women issues, and i like the idea of being able to be there for fellow women and help them out through their hard times. also, i can still see the peds patients because they got their own issues going on, and you don't have to do a fellowship to be a pediatric gynecologist. it's just a niche field. well, peds is the next rotation, so i feel like by christmas i may have my career choice already settled. i don't see myself doing surgery, family med, or psych. and none of the other fancy specialties (rads, derm, etc) appeal to me. so now it's between peds and ob/gyn. how about that.

it's funny how people change. i may even change my mind again. HA.

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