Sunday, September 13, 2009


i delivered a baby yesterday! on my own! the resident was RIGHT THERE to help, and at the end, he goes, "you can call that your first ever delivery". so was 4 pounds 11 ounces, not heavy at fear of dropping, ha! and IMMEDIATELY started wailing as soon as she was out in the real world. good stuff. it's really fun to know that you're the one who the baby (theoretically) sees first outside the womb...and also to be able to tell the new mom congrats and good job!

and now i can get up in c-sections without the faintest feeling of wooziness. the other day i got to suture some of the fascia! that was fun, really was.

and also yesterday i saw a urethral prolapse in a little girl. craziness. it was the "biggest one" the attending had ever seen. so i wonder if that will ever happen again, seeing one that big.

so now my count is 5 c-sections and assisting on 4 deliveries, 1 being solo! woo!

i love the rush of someone saying ROOM ___ IS DELIVERING! you run down the hall, get geared up, and BAM, here's the show! and it's definitely not as nasty as i'd thought it be...i mean, it is pretty gross if you think about it, but not so bad. but i love the excitement and the action and all that fun stuff. plus during c-sections when the baby's out everyone gets excited and starts squealing in high-pitched voices, the mom gets all happy and all that. then while we're closing up, you just hear snores from mom. ha. why you so sleepy when you didn't do any work to get the baby out? it's just funny to me. the moms who vaginally deliver don't zonk out post-delivery, not until everything is said and done and whatnot.

so yeah, i'm REALLY loving this rotation so far, if you dear reader can't tell. bump medicine, i could never do that now after having experienced something else.

today i get to study for my test tomorrow and then somehow ready my body for night shiftage starting tomorrow evening. so yeah, test at 8 am, and then go home, sleep (?) and be ready for action at 7 pm. supposedly, all the craziness happens at night, so i'm super stoked! so i think i'll just try to stay up as late as i can tonight, sleep a little, and test, and then sleep more. hope it works.


OleMissBabyDoc said...

Oh how wonderful! :):):) Sounds like things are going great. I shadowed an OB/GYN before med school, and the only downfall was that I cried every time a baby cried. Haha. It's definitely amazing.

huitzilopochtli said...

"without the faintest feeling" ...sheesh