Tuesday, September 08, 2009


scrubbed in on a c-section today for TWINS! lots of blood and gore. and i almost made it to the end! i'm so proud of myself. only got queazy once the uterus was nearly done sewed up. a heckuva lot longer than i thought i'd last. and amniotic fluid smells bad. and literally the uterus is flipped OUT of the body for the sew up at the end. then they stuff it back in.

frylime does not want a c-section!

but the c-section was totally cool to watch. TWINS! and i got to retract! haha...and wipe away blood!

then later on i got to witness a delivery up close and personal...i think the next one i go into i'll get to do myself! super exciting!

bedtime now...just have to say that ob so far is great and giving peds a run for its money...we'll just have to wait on the gyn part...alas. that's where i hear a lot of people are turned off. we'll see.

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