Wednesday, August 19, 2009


i'm at the less than 2 weeks left for medicine mark. and i'm tired. i accidentally took a 3 hour nap today, i guess that could be a good thing because i've felt so sleep deprived. i was wanting to go to the gym today, but i guess that might not happen. or maybe it will. i got to bake today for the PIG meeting tomorrow...i'm making some peanut butter brownie/cupcakes. they're a hybrid dessert, can't figure out which category i want to put them in. i did drop my coat off at the cleaners today. it was filthy, so filthy.

today at school i just felt kind of down in the morning. it makes me really sad when i see doctors talking a particular way to patients. i think it's perfectly fine to "not" know what's going on, but at least convey that to the patient. and say it in a way that is empathetic. not "duh you have ___", but more like "you had ___ and it's gotten worse." or something. and it grates me to see certain specialties "waffle" on doing a certain procedure on a patient that has clearly stated that they want that procedure done. i really hope my attending can get to the bottom of it...he mentioned that he might call an "outside the hospital" group. i just want what's best for the patient. i guess this is all part of the learning process.

i guess i should go gym. i dunno. i'm feeling a bit out of whack at the moment.

oh, and i pulled out my first line yesterday. a patient had a femoral line put in and needed it out. it wasn't hard, just peel off the tape, clean the skin, cut the sutures, hold some pressure over the site of insertion and pull! after it's pulled out you cut the tip of it off to culture it just to make sure there's no infection. the whole time the patient was on the phone with who knows and she said "some girl doctor is pulling out my line and she did a good job". i said thank you. ha. i don't think the patient was expecting that i was listening to her conversation, but she then was quite nice to me while i was holding pressure on her wound for several minutes. hope she doesn't come back to the ER soon. (she has a history of hanging out with us for prolonged periods of time.) an amusing thing was while i was holding pressure in her groin area, the psych team decides to come in and talk to her. one of my classmates was there, and the look on his face was priceless. here 3 men walk in the room to talk to the patient, and i'm there with my hand under the covers holding pressure in the patient's groin area. just kind of funny.

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chasingzebras said...

Oh Lordy, you've had some priceless moments on medicine I see...