Monday, August 10, 2009

a lot has happened...

since the last time i posted. i went to a conference, had some fun in the smoky mountains, did my FIRST SOLO PROCEDURE ALL BY MYSELF, and had a patient say inappropriate things to me. and now it's raining, i'm lying on my comfy couch, and contemplating a nap and researching things to bake for tomorrow's call. (my team this month are all FOODIES! so tomorrow we're going to have a smorgasbord of goodies.)

so conference. my talk went really well. but then during the question session, some jackass PhD said "and not to throw cold water at you, but blah!". alas. i figured i would get some negativity. oh well. the best part was after i sat down after my talk, the moderator stood up and had to remind everyone that we were all STUDENT PRESENTERS, so PLAY NICE. i mean, alas. the worst part was after everything was over and we were leaving the room for the first break, the guy came BACK over to me, cornered me, and basically mocked my whole project to my face. "i hope you're not trying to get this published, it's LAUGHABLE." can you say that i was shocked that someone would say that to me? it was all i could do to either not cry on the spot or not cuss the guy out. and then to rub salt into the wound, another guy came up and they started mocking me together. finally my adviser saw what was going on and came up to talk, and the two men were all smiles after that. what terds. at least i got a $500 travel stipend so i got some money out of the deal. i'll put up with being disrespected once by a terd, but not next time. (and once i get my paper published, i'll be mailing a copy to the evil man and handwriting a note thanking him for all his "concern" about my project. jackass.)

other than that moment, i had a really good time. me and H did a lot of good eating and hiking and bike riding and just general good times. the weather was perfect! and we visited a lot of breweries and drank a lot of good beers. can't complain!

and then today at the hospital i did my first SOLO PARACENTESIS! i was so excited! HOWEVER, after i took off my white coat to hang, the patient goes "you look sexy". OMG. seriously? i was wearing a brown wrap dress, nothing remarkable. and he was talking to me in that way, and kept saying "you dressed up for this didn't you" and UGH. i was shocked, and instead of immediately going all angry asian on him and cussing and/or severely reprimanding him, i just said "okaaaay" very slow-like and with a lot of attitude. then he proceeded to say "oh you're all embarrassed now HAHAHAHA". what a jerk. i wasn't embarrassed, i was trying not to rip you a new asshole with my verbage. you shouldn't piss off the person who is about to stick a long ass needle into your side. and then to make matters worse, he farted throughout the procedure. FARTED. with reverberations. alas. then he said that i did a terrific job, and he should know, he's had like 20 paracentesi along the years. but you better know that next time a patient does that to me, i will be calling him out because that is very inappropriate and very disrespectful. ugh. and people complain that doctors have the glamorous lives...we have to deal with rude patients who harass you and poop and nasty smells. alas alas.

my friend who was with me at the time said it was divine intervention that the patient pissed me off before i did the procedure because then i wasn't fixated on my fear of needles. and she was probably a bit right about that...i wasn't scared at all doing the procedure, had no problems with the sterile technique, but you best believe if he does it again he's getting an earful. i don't care if he reports me to the admin, i'll report him right back for sexual harassment. touche!

so i think i need a nap, then dinner, and then some baking for tomorrow. snacks while on call equals happy call. ha!

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OleMissBabyDoc said...

Indeed! See ya there. I'll be the extremely short one :p.