Wednesday, July 22, 2009


allow me to vent a tiny bit about something...people giving me an evaluation WITHOUT EVER SEEING ME DO THE THING THEY ARE EVALUATING! i got my half-way eval from my VA medicine attending...he said wonderful things. no complaints there. he just said i need to continue to read and learn and build my "knowledge base", but that is to be expected since it's my first rotation. plus one of my partners is a freaking genius who make a 260 on his step and knows everything about anything and isn't afraid to tell everyone about everything he knows. so of course next to him i don't know as much. alas...but the attending told me to keep up the good work and keep learning. how much more could i ask for?

but then i finally got my eval and grade from the ID attending. according to him, i'm just on the high end of "meeting expectations". ok. i can deal with that. but then i started to read what all the various categories were, and half of them HE NEVER SAW ME DO. why would that be? because on ID, we never got the opportunity to interview a patient by ourselves. we just shadowed. i'm not going to complain too much about the grade (because we were never really given opportunities for us to be graded upon), but it does irritate me that i just "met expectations" on patient interviewing when 1) i never interviewed a patient, and 2) if he DID let me interview and he watch, he would have seen that i am good at being very thorough! aaak!


//end rant//

in the end, can't complain too could have been a lot worse, and my grade for ID is decent. but it is also irritating. grrr. at least he didn't write any comments down. who knows what he would have said. i'm sure he didn't really care in the end. everyone on ID kept wondering why they had med students PERIOD...i guess they don't really get students, so having 2 at the same time freaked them out.

i still haven't gotten my final neuro grade, and that is a bit bothersome. maybe i'll send them an email about that soon.

tonight i have to work on my presentation for the conference. they want my slides by next friday. ha. that kind of sucks, but at least i'll have it done early.

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MedZag said...

If he's at least half responsible he asked the interns and residents you worked with most what they thought of your skills in the areas he did not directly see you do. Some attendings are good guys & gals like this.

The others just jerk you around and arbitrarily bubble in what they 'perceive' you capable of. Which is what sucks so much about clinical evals. Bleh. My PICU attending during my first week didn't even acknowledge my existence until the 4th day. And his first words to me were "you here with surgery or something?" No, dude, I've only been presenting patients on rounds and sitting with the team and doing work all week long.