Friday, July 03, 2009

ID is over! look out VA medicine...

with ID being officially over now, i think i can say that while i enjoyed being on the service, i don't think i will go into ID. all the women doctors were all hippy dippy and fun and i enjoyed their personalities, the men doctors were a nice array and everyone seems laid back and enjoys their lives. it's just, i just don't want to have to deal with the same types of patients over and over and over...not necessarily boring but i guess you could say that? HIV, hepatitis, osteomyelitis, cellulitis, etc etc...interesting things, the doctors all seem very happy to do ID, but i don't think i would be after a while. it gets kind of "cookbook-ish"...once you help someone with HIV get on a good medication regimen, they soar back into great health.

monday i am to be at the VA at 6:30 am to round. that means after i get my patients, i show up EARLIER. my colleagues on surgery have already had to experience this early morning nonsense, but this will be my first time. granted, on neuro i had to leave my place at 6:15 to get to where i needed to on time, but now i'll have to leave to get to school probably at about 5:30 to properly round on my patients and whatnot.

i'm kind of dreading starting VA medicine...well, the patients will be daunting enough, but moreso because i've witnessed some discussion about my third partner for the month that is less than ideal. it's already been made out in the open that this particular person "steals" patients from other students and shows no remorse for doing so. hopefully it was a one time fluke and the person doesn't do it anymore, but i am fully prepared to do some talking when i need to. finally now my team player skills and team management skills are going to come out...things i learned in engineering school. i think i have had every type of undesirable partner and effectively dealt with it all to come up with a good group dynamic in the end, so i hope that i can make this coming up month a good experience for all. the most memorable one was the guy who had a crush on every girl he worked with, but not in a good way...eek!

this weekend i need to sleep a lot to ready myself for VA medicine action and READ!!! i have a test next week and i want to make sure i do well.

OH, and i submitted my abstract and got a platform presentation AND a travel grant to go to a conference in august! i'm super excited. though i just made my hotel reservation and that pretty much wipes out the travel grant...haha. but H is going to go with me so the money will be well spent. i'm excited about the location, i've never been and looking forward to it!

ok, breakfast time, chao.

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