Thursday, July 16, 2009

follow up to a comment...and i think i like medicine?

on my last post, someone wrote:

how did u do in terms of your score? Will it still let u do whatever field you want?

i'm happy to answer, i'll just have to overlook the "u" replacing the proper "you"...i'm sort of a spelling freak! (i circle misspelled words in my textbooks all the time. PEOPLE, can you edit?!)

moving on...

i believe that with my score and some hard work put into step 2 and good strategic networking and applications, i should have no problem finding a residency i desire in peds (which i am most likely to do). who knows, maybe i'll change my mind about what i want to do, but i think i'll be ok. looking at just my numbers, i'm not the most competitive person, but i think as a package deal, i'm pretty darn awesome! i have no intention of doing surgery, maybe i'll look into neuro or even ob/gyn (the intern on medicine right now is ob/gyn and she is really trying hard to sell it to me, and she's all about me doing genetics after an ob/gyn residency to counsel the pregnant ladies) but nothing i desire to do is something that is considered super competitive. so i think i'll be fine. it will be hard work, but i believe i will be somewhere i am happy for residency. i doubt i'll be at CHOP, ha, but it will be all good in the end.

now on to's kind of weird...i kind of like it! i don't know if it's something i will end up doing for reals, but i really enjoy the thinking and the thought processes and the NUMBERS! so who knows. the crotchedy old men are growing on me, but i am still holding out for other specialties...of course. who knows. and the ID subspecialty rotation has proven itself to be quite helpful...i recommend it for anyone thinking about doing it!

and funny, evidently i ask a lot of questions, so many questions that a schizophrenic patient told me he was tired of answering all of them. my residents thought it was funny...2 of them LOVED how thorough i am, and the 3rd year resident just thought i was weird because i ask a lot of questions. (but i think in a good way, obviously.) ha, well, better to know too much than not know enough!

oh, and i joined a book club at school. basically we'll read books about doctoring and medicine and ethics and whatnot. this month we're going to read "mom's marijuana" by dan shapiro. i'm excited! evidently he's going to come to my campus and do a talk, so i'll get to meet him. book isn't too long at all. i'm just excited to have an excuse to read stuff NOT too terribly technical.

alright, bedtime soon.


Lilian said...

Do you think you can keep us posted on the books you read in the book club? I'm interested in what books you'll end up reading and I'm sure other people are too.


frylime said...

to lilian:

sure thing! i think we're going to read a new book every month. i'll do my best to keep up!

OleMissBabyDoc said...

"Mom's Marijuana" is our pre-M1 homework! haha. Shapiro is doing our white coat :)