Thursday, July 30, 2009

almost done at the VA

tomorrow is the last day we'll be with our current residents. i'm kind of sad. my team this month was GREAT. we have to stay sat/sun with the new team for some so-called "continuity of care", and then we go to the university hospital for another month of general house medicine. the big difference is that the VA's health records are all type up your daily notes and all the labs, images, etc, are on the computer. at U, you have to hand write your notes, but all the labs and imaging are online. you dictate your final notes.

i just took out some vegan peanut butter cupcakes (more like pb brownies, honestly). they are smelling heavenly. they're for my team...i just hope next month is as good as this month was!

so after a month of medicine, i can say that i know a bit more info than when i first started. my brain has started thinking more "like a doctor", and i'm definitely understanding better how to construct the impression/plan list. basically you break down everything that is going on with the patient and then talk about how you're going to fix or treat those problems. easier said than done, but i'm getting better. today i worked on a "final progress note" on a patient that i've been following since he came to the ER a week and a half ago. the hard part of the FPN is the "hospital course". you have to succinctly describe what happened while the patient was in the hospital so that the next person can look at it and know exactly the gist of it all. i had a hard time trying to put it all together...i sat with the resident as she went over my note and turns out i had all the important information, she just switched the order of some of my statements. but i had all the correct info! that made me feel really happy, like at least i didn't screw up on something, and i know better how to do them in the future.

yesterday we had a PIG photo shoot with a giganto check. it's all good and cute, the peds doctors were really impressed. job well done. i'm proud of my fellow officers. we worked really hard and it certainly paid off. i'm just waiting on getting the damn photos though...they are being slow on that end and it's starting to irk me just a bit! and i delivered the "real check" today...i hope the money goes toward something useful...i'm sure it will. all for the children!

my conference is next week and i still haven't finalized my slides. i need to practice. i'm kind of getting nervous. i've been so busy with hospital work that when i come home, i just sleep. this weekend, i'll be practicing for sure. the conference will be a nice respite from being here. i just hope i don't screw my talk up. 15 minutes in front of PROFESSIONALS. and i'm just a med student. it's kind of daunting...

rounds tomorrow are at 7:15. which means we get there at 6:00. which makes me very happy. normally we get there at 5, wednesday i got there at 4. so yeah, when i'm told "6:00", i am very very happy.

hopefully tonight i can do some weights. i've been meaning to exercise more, but when you're on call every fourth night it's kind of hard. luckily at U we'll be on call every fifth night (q5), so i'll get a little bit more "me time".

alright, time to work on slides, do some weights, and then bed. fun times.

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