Wednesday, June 17, 2009

what a day

neuro so far is going really well. i'm really enjoying myself. things that have surprised me:
  • i say answers to questions that are CORRECT. wow, i know stuff!
  • i'm not as afraid of old people as i thought i was.
last night was my first night on call. resident let me and A leave at about 7 pm, so we retired to the neuro library and in some sort of divine inspiration, finished all of our required neuro "modules" by 9:00 pm. H was incredible and had made coconut chicken curry for a late night dinner. i'm sure i talked his ear off because yesterday was just so jammed packed. here's a recap:
  • went to sign-ins. listened to residents and attendings "academically debate" about when to treat stroke in various situations. actually followed along.
  • went to nephrology class. wish i hadn't been talking so loudly on the way there in front of the chief medicine resident, who definitely called me out during class...but in a good way.
  • went to the VA and sat around for a while. and sat and sat.
  • finally rounded on our *2* patients. one was asleep. the other was not. i got to witness my attending with her patient in a very poignant moment...patient was having some talk of depression and the doctor just tackled it head on in the best way imaginable. it was so sad though...when i'm at the VA i just feel so SAD for all those little old men. (to sum the patients up, just imagine "old man who used to be totally independent and taking care of their families until they have a stroke. then they can't do anything and they're stuck at the awful VA where time stands still." it's just heartbreaking.) the whole time i'm thinking "wow, i want to be like HER if i ever am in this situation."
  • went to try and get free lunch. vendor cancelled last minute. aaah!
  • went to afternoon stroke clinic. really cool stuff there. saw some nice patients who wanted to get back to work and lead full lives. saw a hypochondriac/overreacting patient. saw one who was milking her pathology for all it was worth. (complained of "neck pain" and whatnot, but as soon as she got comfortable and distracted around you, she seemed to have no problems moving her neck around.) and then i saw another physician "tough talk". this time the patient was basically dicking his life away with beer and cigars. umm, can't really do that when you are in heart failure and expect to live 10-15 years more. the doc did a great job of "this is your problem, this is how we can fix it, however we CAN'T because you are doing x, y, and z. so you have to stop." it was said firmly but respectfully. another great teaching moment.
  • then call. we just saw one ER patient. migraines!
ok, and with that, i think i'm going to eat some breakfast and head on to the hospital. i think i'm going to be taking a long nap when i got home today because i woke up and do NOT feel refreshed. ugh!

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