Monday, June 01, 2009

summer break!

so in my week and some change summer break, i've already done one road trip with H. we did a lot of cool stuff, like visit friends, eat at fun places, tasted wines and beers and even had some of the "world's best ice cream" at a dairy farm. woo!

tomorrow i'll be going to the beach with some girlfriends of's going to be SO much fun! i just need to pack...and go to the library to get some books. ok, scratch that, i got plenty of books at my place that i've picked up and never read. so i'll just do that. and packing shouldn't be too hard, i'm already still packed from the last road trip. just got to replenish some clothes and find le ol' swimsuit.

today is H's birthday...i hope he likes the present i have for him! i think we're going to get sushi later...

also, i must add again that being a med student has its perks: free drugs. yippee!

my caffeine withdrawal symptoms seem to be getting better...i have to admit, the first few days of my cutting back sucked booty, but they aren't so bad now.

one whole week to worry about NOTHING school related. it really makes me happy. OH, and i got my PDA! i've spent all morning playing with it. tons o' fun, really.

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allison said...

Where do we sign up for these free drugs? Ha ha. Can't wait!!! Also - I looked at what time it was after we got off the phone today and was SO embarrassed I had stayed in bed that late. Oh dear...