Tuesday, June 23, 2009

infectious diseases, or maybe not so infectious?

so now i've been on ID for 2 days...and let me say...i wish i were still on neurology!

don't get me wrong, it's been interesting seeing patients in the various clinics. i've seen patients with HIV, osteomyelitis, and hepatitis C. pretty cookie-cutter stuff. it seems like most of the treatment plans follow standard algorithms. i signed up for this rotation because i thought it would be good to get to see patients that i really haven't been able to see yet, plus i would learn some useful things. but honestly, i'd rather be doing something else.

it's all part of the process. i enjoy clinic, but i also enjoy consults. i like to get in on the action, but then i like to just step back as well. alas...this blog is here to help me sort all my thoughts. i would be very surprised to see myself as an ID doctor...it's just not going to happen! but i am learning very useful things that i can apply to my future patients...

ok, going to do some reading and then repot my plants...they are growing so well!


janae' said...

woo plants!!!

chasingzebras said...

it was good to see you too! i think we need a beach repeat and some yaki-mandu STAT ~ cuz it's my heritage y'all!